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a way to settle a conflict in which each person gives up some of what he wants

government service

work that is done for a city or town by dept. that run by the government

public works

a dept. that provides services such as garbage collection for a community

sales tax

the extra money you pay when you buy something


someone who helps settle a disagreement


a hobby or sport done for enjoymnet you dont get paid

property tax

tax paid for land or buildings that you own

income tax

the money pay to the government they earn form working

legislative branch

makes the laws

judical branch

makes sure the laws are fair

executive branch

make sure the laws are obeyed


a choice that gets counted

public service

work done to help the community


money paid for the services that are needed


name given to LA parts of the state by the catholic church everyone else has counties


to vote for or choose a leader


choose without voting

common good

something that is good for everybody


written set of laws that describes how a govt. is to work


a change to something already written


elected leader of a state- bobby jindal


judges decide the consequence of a broken law


another word for boarder

police jury

rules a parish


grp of citizens who are chosen to make decisions for the community

special district

grp that deals with a certain issue or problem that a city cannot


where lawmakers meet




6-12 people who sit in a courtroom and decide if yuou are innocent or guilty


part of state

home rule charter

a document which allows people to set up its own local govt.


another word for city

executive branch

make rules are followed

executive branch leader


judical branch

laws are fair-judges

legislative branch

make up the laws- house of reps.

govt leaders can --- people to do certain jobs


4 levels of govt.smallest to largest

local, paish, state, national

recreation examples

reading, bottle cap collecting, jogging, football

4 steps for conflict resolution

walk away, smile, compromise, ask for help

walk away

seperate yourself


seems less serious


both get what they want

ask for help

go to a mediator

1 government services

garbage collection-helps keeps environment clean

2 govt. service

public school-everybody has an education

tax money is how the govt.----

pays for all these services.

without tax money----

there would be no funds for services

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