14 terms

chapter 13 test

Jesus sent the apostles to ___ ___ ___ _
carry on his work
Before his ascension, jesus told the apostles to teach everyone ______
everyone what he had taught them
Jesus told the Apostles to make all people his__________
jesus made Peter the _______
leader of the new church
Jesus asks us to share ___ ____ _____
the Good news
Mary is the _____ ______ _____ _____
greatest saint of all
Mary is called the first disciple because
because she is closer to Jesus than anyone else on earth
As good christians, we continue the work of _________ and follow ______ _______
apostles, their teachings
What did Jesus do after his Resurrection?
Opened up the heavens
One means that Jesus's followers are brought together by the ______ _____
Holy Spirit
Holy means
that it members love God
Catholic means
the church is is open to everyone
Apostolic means
that the church is faithful to the teachings of Jesus and his apostles
4 marks of the church are signs that identify that the church was founded by__________