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Inequality word problems

Write and solve an inequality for each flashcard.
1.15x≥5.75, x ≥ 5 rolls
If one roll of masking tape costs $1.15, how many rolls can Max buy with at least $5.75?
x + 2>7, x > 5 cups
Lisa is cooking muffins. The recipe calls for more than 7 cups of sugar. She has already put in 2 cups. How many more cups does she need to put in?
4.5x≤18, x ≤ 4 tape measures
Max's employer has at most $18.00 to spend on tape measures for his crew. How many can he buy with that amount if each tape measure costs $4.50?
4x<2.52, x < $0.63
Max buys a package of 4 batteries for under $2.52. What is the price range for each battery?
4x>4.32, x > $1.08
Trent finds masking tape in packages of 4 rolls for over $4.32. What is the cost of one roll in the package?
x - 5≤27, x ≤ $29.00
After paying $5.00 for a salad, Taylor has no more than $27.00 left. How much money did she have before buying the salad?
5x≥40, x ≥ 8 pounds
Matt bought 5 of the same packages and the weight of all five packages started at 40 pounds. How much was the weight of one package?
6x<7.26, x < $1.21
What is the price of one extension cord if Tevin can buy a package of 6 for under $7.26?
8x≤2.40, x ≤ $0.30
A store sells 8-foot boards for at most $2.40. What is the cost per foot?
8x≥40, x ≥ 5 shirts
How many t-shirts can Banning buy with at least $40 if each t-shirt costs $8.00?
x + 22.50>32, x > $9.20
Last Friday Marissa had $22.50. Over the weekend she received some money for cleaning. She now has over $32.00. How much money did she get for cleaning?
x + 55 ≥ 145, x ≥ $90.00
Zach saved $55 toward the purchase of an iPod. The cost of the iPods started at $145. How much more does Zach need to save to buy the iPod?
x/2>24.28, x > $48.46
Dustin and his best friend Jeremy found some money buried in a field. They split the money evenly, each getting more than $24.28. How much money did they find?
x/4>13, x > 52
At a restaurant, Daphaney and her three friends, Amber, Jason and Wilson decided to divide the bill evenly. If each person's part exceeded $13.00, what was the total bill?