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"The Bet" Anton Chekhov

Who wrote "The Bet"?
Anton Chekhov
What is the setting?
Banker's house and lodge- 1870- 1885 (Russian Empire)
Who are the characters?
banker and lawyer (25 years old at the beginning of the story, 40 at the end)
What are the conflcts?
man vs. himself and man vs. man
what literary devices are used/
flashback, foil, irony, metaphor, mythological allusion, dynamic character
what is the bet?
fifteen years os solitary confinment for two millions
what is the lawyer allowed to have?
piano, books, letter writing, wine, smoking
year one
played piano and read "light" novles
year two
read the "classics"
year five
played piano, drank wine, wrote and tore up writing
year six
studied languages, philisophy, and history
years seven, eight and nine
read six hundred books
year eleven
read the four Gosples (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John)
years twelve and thirteen
read theology and histories of relegion
years fourteen and fifteen
read randomly, natural sciences, byron, philisophly, shakespere, chemistry, medicine, novel, theology
fear factor
fear of bankruptcy- led him to kill the man