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Babbini, SEM 3, ROSSU
When are bactericidal drugs the first line agents used?
In seriously ill or immunocompromised patients
What is MIC?
Minimum inhibitory concentration, this is the lowest concentration of antibiotic that inhibits growth of tested bacteria
What is MBC?
Minimum Bactericidal Concentration, this is the lowest concentration of an antibiotic that kills the tested bacteria
What does Beta-Lactam inhibit?
What does Vancomycin inhibit?
What does Fosfomycin inhibit?
Enolpyruvate Transferase
What do the Aminoglycosides inhibit?
The Protein Synthesis by blocking the initiation complex. Translocation is blocked
What do Macrolides block?
What does Chloramthenicol block?
What do Tetracyclines block?
Aminoacyl-tRNA binding
What does Quinupristin block?
What does Dalfopristin do?
It changes the 50s so f. it up
What does Linezolid do?
It blocks the initiation complex
What do Sulfonamides do?
Inhibits Dihydropteroate Synthetase
What does Trimethoprim do?
Inhibits Dihydrogolate reductase
What do Quinolones do?
Inhibit Topoisomerase
What do Metronidazole do?
DNA damage!
What is Prophylactic therapy?
Prevention therapy (antimicrobial)