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sexual reproduction results in what?

genetic variability, or diversity, which is important to the survival of species


sex cell reproduce

haploid gametes

egg and sperm cells


genetic make up, what is inherited from parents


units of inheritance


genes own specific location on a chromosome


condensed genetic material

how many chromosomes does every cell have?

2 copies

how many chromosomes does every sex cell have?

1 copy


copy of a chromosome


each allele holds a different version of the same genetic material


where a pair of chromosomes is joined together

how many chromosomes does a human have?

23 pairs


22 pairs of chromosomes, determine how your body is made


genetic expression of your genes


genetic make up tells about you


which genes are more likely to be expressed


traits need 2 copies in order for it to be expressed

homozygous genotype

receive same type of gene from both parents

heterozygous genotype

receive one dominant gene from one parent and one recessive gene from the other

homozygous dominant

inherit dominant genes from both parents

homozygous recessive

inherit recessive genes from both parents

punnett squares

used to asses genotype of offspring or determine probability of having a certain phenotype

sex chromosomes

determine if you will be male or female

what are the female chromosomes?


what are the male chromosomes?


down syndrome

due to a mutation in which there are 3 copies of chromosome #21

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