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Plessy v. Ferguson
supreme court case that established the "seperate but equal" standard in the us.
The great migration
The movement of african american in the early twenties century from the south to northern cities.
Harlem renaissance
An arts movement during the 1920's that celebrated african american culture.
Montgomery bus boycott
Year long boycott of montgomery alabama's public bus system that required segregation.
Brown v. Board of Education
supreme court case that end the segregation of public education.
Black codes
Laws that limited the citizens rights of african americans; eg grandfather clause, literacy test.
Jim Crow Laws
Laws that enforced the seperation of african americans and whites.
The south.
Seperation of races.
To hang a person by the neck until he is dead without a trial.
KKK-ku Klux Klan
A group that uses toner and intimidation to maintain white supremacy.
Boll Weevil
An insect that eats the cotton boll.