Mythology Exam 1

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morphemein language, the smallest unit that carries meaningphonemein language, the smallest distinctive sound unitsemitic languagesAkkadian, Ugaritic, Phoenician, Hebrew, Aramaic, Moabite, AmmonitePolytheismworship of more than one god. pantheon. gods and goddesses represent forces of nature.monotheismbelief in one single all-powerful god. ie) judaism, christianity, islamhenotheism, monolatryworship of one god without denying existence of other gods. God is usually patron of family/clansyncretisma foreign element in religion, ie) weeping for tammuz in the bible (allude to Descent of Ishtar)omniscienceall knowingomnipresenceall presentomnipotenceall powerful614, 612Asshur falls, Ninevah fall equals collapse of Assyria539Babylon falls to Persian King Cyrus the Great (r. 550-530 BCE). Nabonidus last king of Babylon.Female prophetsmiriam, deborah, huldah, noadiah, isaiah's wife, anna_________ was the son of the storm god. Becomes angry, fecundity ceases. None of the other gods can find him and they (the gods) fear that they will starve because he has departed, disappeared. _________ found him, ________ him, wiped his eyes with ______. he is angry about being aroused, and so he diverted rivers, shattered houses, killed some people and animals. But _________ (the goddess of ________and ________)is able to pacify him and bring him back. Once he returns, things get much better, fecundity returns. Then he cared (again) for the king and the queen.Telepinus, a bee, stung, wax, Kamrusepas, magic and healing.EtiologyA story that explains something's cause or origin.Legend of SargonSargon the Great, King of Agade. His mother bore him in secret, put him in a basket of rushes, with bitumen she sealed his lid and cast him into the river. Drawn out by Akki, the drawer of water. Became gardener (like Akki), "then Ishtar granted him her love" and he became king.According to the Code of Hammurabi, the King (i.e., Hammurabi) was given the "laws" by the God ______________, the God of ______________________ (name what he was the God of). Hammurabi lived during the _____________ Century BCEShamash, law and justice, 18thThe city of Babylon fell to the armies of ____________ of Persia (name the king) in the year ____________ BCE. _____________ is the name of the Neo-Babylonian king who was on the throne at the time of the fall of Babylon to Persia. Prior to the fall of Babylon, this last king of Babylon (whom you named above) had entrusted the governing of the kingdom to his son named ____________(famous from Daniel 5). The Head of the Pantheon at this time was ______________, but the Ne-Babylonian king had been worshipping the Moon God __________ (give his name) for some time, especially during his (i.e., the king's) decade spent at the Oasis of ____________ (give the geographic name) in the Arabian Desert.King Cyrus, 539, Nabonidus, Naram-Sin, Enlil, Sin, TaymaLex Talioniseye for an eyeAt the beginning of the Mesopotamian Epic known as "Enuma Elish," the Goddess ___________ (give her name) is married to the God ______________ (give his name), but before too long, the God himself would be killed. His wife then married the God ___________. Because said Goddess was so angry about the murder of her husband, she (basically) went on a rampage. None of the rest of the Gods wished to attempt to do battle with her during the time of this rampage. However, at one point, the God ____________ (give his name) stepped to the fore and said that he would do battle with her, but on the condition that (if he was victorious), he would become the Head of the Pantheon. Then, he did indeed engage her in battle and he was victorious. After slaying said Goddess, he took half of her body and he made the ____________ and with half of her body, he made the __________. Moreover, the second husband of the Goddess was killed and with his blood, humankind was created. A Babylonian Temple was built for this new Head of the Pantheon and that Temple was called _____________. During the ancient New Year's Festival called the ___________ Festival, Enuma Elish seems to have been read (at least at times).Tiamat, Apsu, Qingu, Ea, Heavens, Earth, Esagila, AkituDescent of _______: dates no later than the _________. Interesting description of Underworld (sad, dark places). her husband is _______ (Sumerian: Dumuzi). ________(Ishtar's ______). _____ takes pity and helps her out.Ishtar, late bronze age, Tammuz, Erish Kigal, sister, Ea______ dated to ca. _______. Gods are burdened by work. _____ is an important god and the rest of the gods decide they might just depose him. ____ proposes that people be created to do some of the work (e.g., at the temple). _______ is the midwife of the gods, very wise, and she assists in the creation of people, using mud and the blood of a god named ________, who was known for his intelligence (but who had to be killed and slaughtered, nonetheless, so as to create people). But the people were rather loud and so the gods sent disease and drought to thin their numbers. But it was not enough, so it was decided a flood should be sent. But _______ tells _______ to build a boat so as to survive the flood. 7 days and 7 nights. ________sees boat and gets angry because someone had warned _________ to build a boat. It is decided that people should be able to live, but that their numbers would be kept low (e.g., because of infant mortality, stillbirth, etc.). The Akkadian text contains the name of the scribe of this copy, a certain ______, and it was said to have been copied during the reign of ___________ (a Babylonian king of the ____ century BCE).Atra-Hasis, 1700 BCE, Enlil, Ea, Mami, Geshtu-e, Enki, Atrahasis, Enlil, Nur-Aya, King Ammi-Saduqa, 17thThe Epic of Gilgamesh: is ___________. Longest and Greatest Epic written in __________. Fragmentary versions of the Epic of Gilgamesh have been found at ________, _________ and ________ (the Hittite capital in northern Anatolia) and these versions hail from the second millennium BCE. Note also, of course, that this epic was also found in the palace library at __________ (started by Sennacherib and enlarged by Assurbanipal). Setting: __________. Gilgamesh King of _____. _______ of Cedar Mountain. _________ killed. _________ (which Ishtar sent to punish Gilgamesh for spurning her advances) was killed. _______ killed. _________ King of _________. Enlil and Flood. __ warned him. he made sacrifice. The anger of ____ subsides and he gives eternal life to him. _______ the barmaid. Snake and plant that gives life. All mortals will die: mortality awaits us all.Old Babylonian, Akkadian, Megiddo, Emar, Hattusas, Nineveh, Ancient Sumer, Uruk, Enkidu, Humbaba, Bull of Heaven, Enkidu, Utnapishtim, Shuruppak, Ea, Enlil, Sidduri,The Northern Kingdom of Israel fell in the year _________ BCE to the armies of ___________ and ____________ (name the kings) of _________ (name the country).722, Tiglath-Pileser III, Shalmaneser V, AssyriaThe Southern Kingdom of Judah fell in the year ____________ BCE to the armies of _____________ (name the king) of ______________ (name the country).587/6, Nebuchanezzer II, BabylonCambyses ruled the Persian Empire from _____________ (give the inclusive regnal years). He was followed by ____________ (name the king) who ruled from ________________ (give the inclusive regnal years).580-559, Cyrus, 559-530The book of Esther is set during the reign of the Persian King ______________ (name the king, using either the Hebrew form of the name or the Greek form of the name). The regnal years of this king are _____________Xerxes I, 486-465Within the Osiris Story, the God Osiris is duped by his evil brother named _____________ (give the God's name) to get into a coffin. When he does so, this evil brother closes the coffin and puts it into the ____________ River (name the river). It flows north on the Nile River into the ______________ Sea (name the sea) and then ends up lodging alone the shore near the Phoenician city of ____________ (name the city). Ultimately, the wife (and Goddess) of this God (i.e., the one in the coffin) is able to find her husband. Her name was ____________ (name the goddess). She becomes pregnant and the name of the child born is _____________ (give the child's name). In due time, this child grows up and slays his uncle.Set, Nile, Mediterranean, Byblos, Isis, HorusList five of the Ten Commandments of the Hebrew Bible (i.e., Exodus 20) ____________________________ , ________________________________, ______________________, _________________________________, other gods, no idols, no stealing, no murder, no adulteryAccording to the Hebrew Bible, Moses received the Ten Commandments from the God ____________. Similarly, according to the Code of Hammurabi, King Hammurabi received his Law Code from the God ______________.Yahweh, ShamashThe wife of Hosea the prophet was named ______________________. According to the narrative of Hosea, she gave birth to three children, namely, _____________________, ____________________, and _____________________. The prophet Hosea conducted his prophetic work during the this century BCE ___________ (name the century). The prophet Hosea was particularly disturbed because the people were worshipping ____________ (name the God) and _____________ (name the Goddess) rather than worshipping Yahweh alone.Gomer, Jezreel, Lo-ruhamah (not pitied), Lo-ammi (not my people), 8th, Baal, AsherahAmos the Prophet (his time period, the basic themes of his message, the country he came from and the country to which he spoke, the nature of the caustic exchange between him and a priest).750 BCE, Social Justice, Tuqu', the priest Amaziah sent message to Jeroboam the king of israel that Amos was conspiring against him.Bene ha elohimgenesis 6: 2-4ha satan"the accuser" not the devil or personal name "satan" a member of the divine council