15 terms

Lesson 9 Book 8

What is advent
A coming or arrival
What is blase`
Indifferent to what others might find pleasurable or exciting because of excessive indulgence or enjoyment; unconcerned.
What is bravado
An ostentatious display of bravery; defiant or swaggering behavior.
What is disparate
Containing or made up of fundamentally different and often incongruous elements.
What is domicile
One's house or place of residence.
What is fabricate
To make by putting parts together; to construct.
What is itinerant
Traveling from place to place.
What is liliputian
Extremely small or appearing to be so.
What is phobia
A strong, irrational fear.
What is proclivity
A strong inclination towards something.
What is projectile
An object impelled with force or self-propelled through the air.
Waht is queasy
Causing nausea or tending to be nauseous.
What is reciprocate
To exchange in kind; to repay
What is relegate
To put out of sight or mind; demote
What is vertigo
Dizziness or a tilting, spinning sensation.