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  1. Pink Cyclamen by who?
  2. French Modern painting by Boilly?
  3. Three Maries at the Tomb would best fit into the ___________ subject group.
  4. French Modern painting by Luce?
  5. Light shines into Sunrise, Yosemite Valley from a. the left b. behind the viewer c. the right or d. above the mountains
  1. a History & Legend
  2. b Bridges
  3. c The Geography Lesson
  4. d Rue Ravignan, Paris
  5. e c

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  1. Murillo
  2. Hovenden
  3. Rolshoven
  4. de Miranda
  5. Bordone

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  1. Dutch Baroque painting by Hobbema?A Wooded Landscape


  2. A Prince of Saxony painted by who?Mantegna


  3. A Wooded Landscape by who?Picasso


  4. Big Momma's Room by who?Hobbema


  5. French 20th Century painting by Derain?Still Life in a Landscape