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  1. Heureux age! Age d'or (Happy Age! Golden Age) by who?
  2. Dutch Baroque painting by van Breen?
  3. Portrait of the Dwarf Michol by who?
  4. Dutch Baroque painting by Hobbema?
  5. Three Maries at the Tomb painted by who?
  1. a de Miranda
  2. b Skating on the Frozen Amstel River
  3. c Watteau
  4. d A Wooded Landscape
  5. e da Empoli

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  1. van Breen
  2. Portrait of the Dwarf Michol
  3. Courbet
  4. Hobbema
  5. Murillo

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  1. German Modern painting by Friedrich?A Mountain Peak with Drifting Clouds


  2. Spanish Baroque painting by Murillo?The Nativity


  3. The Witches by who?Murillo


  4. Italian Renaissance painting by Master of the Osservanza?Portrait of a Man


  5. American 20th Century painting by Henri?Viacito in White


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