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  1. Indian Family with Travois by who?
  2. American 20th Century painting by Takayama?
  3. Dutch Baroque painting by Hobbema?
  4. Street Scene in Tunis by who?
  5. Selim and Zuleika by who?
  1. a Expectation
  2. b A Wooded Landscape
  3. c Rolshoven
  4. d Delacroix
  5. e Russell

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  1. The Geography Lesson
  2. van der Ast
  3. Pink Cyclamen
  4. Courbet
  5. Bridges

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  1. British Modern painting by Romney?Lord Grosvenor's Arabian with a Groom


  2. Portrait of a Man painted by who?Mantegna


  3. To separate his sitter from the background in Lady Hamilton, the artist uses a. light b. color c. detail or d. all of the abovevan Breen


  4. Children in a Garden (The Nurse) by who?Cassatt


  5. The Turning Road, L'Estaque by who?Huckaby