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  1. Expectation by who?
  2. Netherlandish Renaissance painting by van der Weyden?
  3. British Modern painting by Romney?
  4. The Turning Road, L'Estaque by who?
  5. American Modern painting by Hovenden?
  1. a Lady Hamilton
  2. b Chloe and Sam
  3. c Virgin and Child
  4. d Derain
  5. e Takayama

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  1. Henri
  2. Hobbema
  3. Russell
  4. Cassatt
  5. The Geography Lesson

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  1. Rue Ravignan, Paris by who?Hovenden


  2. Spanish Baroque painting by Murillo?Portrait of the Dwarf Michol


  3. Flemish Renaissance painting by Mor?Salome Given the Head of St. John the Baptist by Herod


  4. Italian Renaissance painting by da Empoli?Saint Joseph and the Christ Child


  5. American 20th Century painting by Rolshoven?Street Scene in Tunis