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  1. German Modern painting by Friedrich?
  2. Spanish 20th Century painting by Picasso?
  3. Three Maries at the Tomb painted by who?
  4. German Renaissance painting by Cranach?
  5. The Turning Road, L'Estaque by who?
  1. a A Mountain Peak with Drifting Clouds
  2. b da Empoli
  3. c A Prince of Saxony
  4. d Derain
  5. e Still Life in a Landscape

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  1. van Breen
  2. Picasso
  3. Big Momma's Room
  4. Selim and Zuleika
  5. Lord Grosvenor's Arabian with a Groom

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  1. A Prince of Saxony painted by who?van der Weyden


  2. Portrait of a Man painted by who?de Miranda


  3. French Modern painting by Boilly?The Geography Lesson


  4. American Modern painting by Russell?Indian Family with Travois


  5. Selim and Zuleika by who?Bridges