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  1. Nutrients that don't yield energy
  2. Overnutrition
  3. Culture
  4. Degenerative Disease
  5. Appetite
  1. a Chronic disease characterized by deterioration of the body organs as a result of misuse and neglect
  2. b Calorie or nutrient overconsumption severe enough to cause disease or increased risk of disease; form of malnutrition
  3. c 1. Water
    2. Vitamins
    3. Minerals
  4. d Knowledge, beliefs, customs, laws, morals, art, and literature acquired by members of a society and passed along to succeeding generations.
  5. e The psychological desire to eat, often but not always accompanied by hunger

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  1. Substances obtained from food and used in the body to promote growth, maintenance, and repair
  2. Group of people, such as a family, who depend on one another and share a set of norms, beliefs, values, and behaviors
  3. National health promotion and disease prevention agenda for 2010 to 2020; goals focus on risk reduction, and specifies targets for nutrient and food intake
  4. 4
  5. 7

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  1. Function of Vitamins and MineralsRegulate the release of energy and other aspects of metabolism


  2. Relationship between diet and the leading causes of deathProvides the medium for life processes


  3. Number of calories 1 gram of carbohydrate contains4


  4. Essential Nutrients1. Carbohydrate
    2. Fat
    3. Protein
    4. Vitamins
    5. Minerals
    6. Water


  5. Number of calories 1 gram of fat contains4