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Tom Sawyer

-good heart
-leader & imaginative
-His parents died and he lived with his Aunt

Aunt Polly

-Tom's Aunt
-cares for Tom as his guardian
-has trouble disciplining Tom


-Lives with Tom
-mean spirited
-a tattletale
-enjoys getting Tom into trouble

Huckleberry Finn

-His father is the town drunk
-envy of boys in town

Injun Joe

-1/2 Native American, 1/2 Caucasion
-Juvenile pariah

Joe Harper

-Tom's close friend
-follows Tom
-got in trouble for drinking cream and ran away with the boys


-Judge Thatcher's daughter
-Tom's new love

Muff Potter

-kind to Tom and Huck
-wrongly accused
-friend of Injun Joe's
-a drunk in town

Widow Douglas

-Injun Joe wanted to do the revenge job on her
-She adopted Huck for saving her


-Neighbors to Widow Douglas
-Huck told them about the Deaf and Dumb Spaniard
-He and his sons helped Huck, and saved the Widow after Huck warned them.

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