Relationships: friends forever


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love at first sight
love began the first time they saw each other
to fall head over heels in love
to fall deeply and madly in love
to only have eyes for someone
to be only attracted to, to only pay attention to someone
to be infatuated with someone
to be romantically obsessed with someone
to be besotted with someone
to be almost stupidly or blindly in love with
a platonic relationship
an affectionate relationship between people of the opposite sex that is not sexual
to hit it off
to like each other the moment you met
people who feel close in spirit and understand each other deeply
a man, woman after my own heart
a person you admire because they do or think the same as you
to get on like a house on fire
to have a very good, enjoyable relationship
bosom friends (bosom buddies, bosom pals)
very close, good friends
to be inseparable
to always want to be together, very close
a bond
a relationship or feeling of togetherness
a kindred spirit
a person whose interests or attitudes are similar to one's own
very similar to each other, to seem perfect for each other
family ties
a bond or connection between two or more family members
mutual acquaintances
people you and someone you know both know
to hold someone in high regard
to have a lot of respect for someone
to be thick as thieves
to be very close (informal)
to adore (adoring, adoration)
to love and respect someone deeply, to like very much
to be affectionate (affection)
readily feeling or showing fondness or tenderness
to be amiable (amiability)
displaying a friendly and pleasant manner
to be considerate (consideration)
to be careful not to inconvenience or harm others
to be faithful (faithfulness)
loyal, steadfast, never having a sexual relationship with anyone else
to be fond of someone, something (fondness)
having an affection or liking for someone, something
to be loyal (loyalty)
giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution