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Microsoft Word 2010 Lesson 2-3

Which is a method for moving quickly to the bottom of a document?
CTRL + End
How do you select an entire table?
Click the table select handle
To increase or decrease the size of the content in a Word 2010 window, which item on the status bar would you use?
Zoom slider
By default, which of the following is located above the ribbon, at the left edge of the title bar, to provie convenient, one-click access to frequently used commmands?
Quick Access Toolbar
In Word 2010, which key enables a user to select multiple nonadjacent items in a document?
In Word 2010, how are adjacent paragraphs in a document selected?
Click and drag to select
What is a quick Method for selecting an entire word in a document?
Double-click the word
What is a quick method for selecting an entire paragraph in a document?
Triple-click the paragraph
What type of file is used for cross-platform document interchange and to preserve some document formatting to be used in other word processing programs?
Which method of text entry enables a user to double-click a blank area in a document so that Word 2010 formats the typed information according to the location of the entry?
Selecting text, pressing and holding the mouse button and moving the text to a new location is know as:
Drag and drop
Where does Microsoft Word 2010 temporarily store copied information until it is pasted elsewhere?
What is the purpose of adding background shading to a selected area of a document in order to bring attention to the information?
Which term refers to changes made in a document that impact the appearance of the document?
The way in which a paragraph lines up horizontally between the paper edges of a document is called:
What is the combination of keystrokes to perform a task referred to as?
Keyboard shortcut
What controls the variety of fonts, colors, and other visual effects available within a document?
Applied with one click, which Microsoft 2010 command enables an entire set of formatting choices?
Quick styles
Which of the following software programs is a full-featured word processing program that allows users to create professional-looking documents and revise the easily?
Word 2010
In the Print dialog box, which area displays several printed options and gives a preview of how the document will look after printing?
Print Gallery
What is the name assigned to a file when it is saved?
File name
What is the name of the view that provides data about documents and contains a set of commands to help a user manage documents?
What is the process of changing the appearance of a paragraph of text called?
Paragraph Formatting
What is the process of changing the way characters appear, both on screen and in print, to improve document readability?
Character formatting
What is a series of paragraphs, each beginning with a bullet character, called?
Bulleted list
What is the method for changing the default bullet list symbol?
Select the list and choose the drop-down arrow next to the Bullets button to select from the Bullets Library
To give a slanted appearance to text in a document, which character formatting effect is applied?
Which character formatting effect is applied to text so that it appears in a smaller font size above the middle point of the line?
How does a user modify the colors in a selected theme?
Choose the Theme Colors command on the Page Layout Ribbon
In Word 2010, what is a named group of formatting characteristics called?
Which command on the Home Ribbon is used to modfiy a current style's color scheme?
Change Styles
From the Page Borders command on the Page Layout Ribbon, which dialog box is used to manipulate the standard page border?
Borders and Shading dialog box
Which command is used to apply a background color to an entire page of a Word 2010 document
Page Color
Which command on the Home Ribbon allows a user to change the case of selected text to all uppercase,lowercase, sentence case, toggle case, or initial capitals?
Change Case
What are the decorative lines used to surrond a page or the elements on a page called?
To specify the exact style of the decorative lines used on a page, which dialog box is used?
Borders and Shading
To apply color to text or paragraphs to make them appear to be highlighted with a marker or pen, which command on the Home Ribbon is used?
Text Highlight Color
Which command on the Home Ribbon applies a shadow, glow, or reflection to selected text or paragraphs?
Text Effects
Which technique is used to choose and move text in a Word 2010 document to a new location?
The command that allows a user to selectively paste cell contents, cell formats, and the calculated value of original cells rather than their contents is called what?
Paste Special
Which command on the Home Ribbon causes a line to be drawn in the middle of selected text?
How are different underline styles selected when applying the underline font format to selected text?
Choose the Underline drop-down arrow on the Home Ribbon to select the various underline styles
Which command allows a user to copy formatting rather than contents from one place to another in a document?
Format Painter
After pasting an item into a document, what is the button that automatically appears in the document window?
Paste Options button
Which commonly used shortcut keys or keyboard combination is used to apply bold formatting to selected text?
Alt + B
Which option on the Apply Styles dialog box changes the setting for a selected style?
To quickly modify the settings for any style using the Style dialog box, which of the following would you use?
Style dialog box launcher on the Home Ribbon
How is a new style applied to text in a document?
Selected text and click the desired style from the Styles Gallery on the Home Ribbon
Which of the following refers to how the left and right edges of a paragraph align on a page?
Which of the following does Wrod 2010 offer for temporary storage of up to 24 items copied from any Microsoft Office program?
Office Clipboard
What is the process of creating a duplicate of an item while leaving the original item in place in the document called?
What is the process of removing an item from a document with the intentation of placing it in an alternative loaction in the document?
What is the commonly used shortcut key or keyboard combination for copying text to the Clipboard?
Ctrl + C
Which best describes the action of inserting a copied item from the Office Clipboard into a document?
What is the commonly used shortcut key or keyboard combination for pasting text from the Clipboard?
Ctrl + V
Which group on the Home Ribbon contains commands to change the appearance of characters in a document?
Which group on the Home Ribbon contains commands to control the placement of text in a document?
What is the name of the command button on the Home Ribbon that returns document formatting to Normal Style?
Clear Formatting
What are the built-in predefined styles used for formatting text called?
Quick Styles
What command enables Word 2010 to break lines between syllabes of words?