15 terms

quiz-energy forms and transfers

energy due to motion
kinetic energy
energy stored in and released from the nucleus of an atom
nuclear energy
energy stored in and released from the bonds between atoms
chemical energy
the sum of the potential energy and kinetic energy in a system
mechanical energy
the sum ofthe kinetic energy and potential energy of the particles that make up an object
thermal energy
the energy carried by electromagnetic waves
radiant energy
sound is a form of energy carried by
what factors determine how much gravitational potential energy an object has?
mass and height
Law of conservation of energy states that energy can be __________________, but it cannot be created or destroyed
A system that exchanges matter or energy with the environment is _____________ system
an open
wind energy is an example of a ___________ energy resource
A movement of energy from one object to another without a change in the form of energy is called
energy transfer
an example of energy transformation
chemical energy in a log changes to thermal energy when the log burns
an example of work
a bat hits a baseball to an outfielder
example of a nonrenewable resource
fossil fuel