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assessments MTS131 ch6

Intro to Mortuary Pathology Heart Diseases Matt Kendall
A deficiency of blood supply:
Any disease of the heart muscles:
Rheumatic Heart Disease is most often exhibited in the heart valve that lies between the:
Left Atrium and Left Ventricle
Hypertensive Heart Disease is caused by:
High blood pressure
Condition in which valvular openings in the heart are too small
Valvular Stenosis
Coronary Artery Disease is a pathology that afflicts the arteries that feed the:
Inflammation of the inner layer of the heart:
Congestive Heart Failure can result in quivering, spontaneous contractions called:
Acute Cardiac Failure results in a sudden stoppage of the heart called:
Cardiac Arrest
Congestive Heart Failure of the right side of the heart would result in:
1) Distended neck veins
2) Hepatomegaly