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  1. personification
  2. 1st person
  3. feature articles
  4. biography
  5. dynamic character
  1. a changes in the story
  2. b an "I" tells the story
  3. c the attribution of human qualities to an object, animal, or idea
  4. d appear in magazines and newspapers, focus on people or events
  5. e a writers account of another person's life

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  1. more direct comparison, not using "like" or "as"
  2. the pattern of end rhymes in a poem
  3. main character who drives the action of the story
  4. words or phrases that appeal to the 5 senses
  5. express writer's thoughts and feelings about subjects

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  1. dictiona literary work that is mostly made up but has some element of truth


  2. conflict(stng)character vs. setting


  3. essayrelatively short piece of writing on a single subject


  4. settingwhere/when story takes place


  5. similerefers to the way a particular piece of literature is written


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