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  1. repetition
  2. consonance
  3. parallelism
  4. style
  5. persuasive
  1. a use of the same word/phrase more than once
  2. b the repetition of consonant sounds within or at the end of words
  3. c present arguments and attempt to convince reader to adopt particular points of view
  4. d refers to the way a particular piece of literature is written
  5. e use of similar grammatical structures

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  1. writers attitude towards the subject
  2. personal setting reveals a character's personalities
  3. character vs. setting
  4. provides fact about a specific subject
  5. comparison indicated by the words "like" or "as"

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  1. imagerycomparison indicated by the words "like" or "as"


  2. resolution/ falling actionwhere all loose ends are tied up


  3. themethe central idea of the story


  4. 3rd person omniscentall-knowing , god-like character observes multiple character


  5. dictionword choice