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  1. simile
  2. complications/ rising action
  3. tone
  4. internal rhyme
  5. mood/atmosphere
  1. a comparison indicated by the words "like" or "as"
  2. b Character tries to solve or deal with conflict, but ends up creating more problems
  3. c writers attitude towards the subject
  4. d makes the audience feel a certain way
  5. e the use of rhyming words within a line

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  1. use of similar grammatical structures
  2. kinds of sentences used/ variety
  3. the use of words that sound like what they refer to
  4. a series of related events
  5. present or explain info and ideas

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  1. climaxmost exciting moment where outcome is revealed


  2. resolution/ falling actionwhere all loose ends are tied up


  3. 3rd person limitedall-knowing , god-like character observes multiple character


  4. feature articlesprovides fact about a specific subject


  5. imagerycomparison indicated by the words "like" or "as"


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