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  1. onomatopoeia
  2. antagonist
  3. fiction
  4. 3rd person limited
  5. 5 ways of indirect characterization
  1. a anything that comes into conflict with the main character
  2. b a literary work that is mostly made up but has some element of truth
  3. c a narrator observes one character
  4. d the use of words that sound like what they refer to
  5. e actions, speech, thoughts, appearance, others responses

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  1. doesn't change in the story
  2. author tells audience exactly what character is like
  3. writers attitude towards the subject
  4. complex and developed
  5. present or explain info and ideas

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  1. indirect characterizationauthor tells audience exactly what character is like


  2. charactersimple and less well developed


  3. personificationexpress writer's thoughts and feelings about subjects


  4. news storiespresent or explain info and ideas


  5. imagerywords or phrases that appeal to the 5 senses