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  1. personal
  2. tone
  3. mood/atmosphere
  4. 3rd person limited
  5. dramatic irony
  1. a the audience knows something that a character doesn't
  2. b makes the audience feel a certain way
  3. c a narrator observes one character
  4. d writers attitude towards the subject
  5. e express writer's thoughts and feelings about subjects

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  1. a situation turns out to be the opposite of what the audience expects
  2. a literary work that is mostly made up but has some element of truth
  3. a series of related events
  4. use of the same word/phrase more than once
  5. more direct comparison, not using "like" or "as"

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  1. internal rhymethe use of rhyming words at the end of a line


  2. flat characterdoesn't change in the story


  3. external conflicta conflict between a character and something outside of that character


  4. backgrounda writers account of another person's life


  5. parallelismanything that comes into conflict with the main character