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  1. rhyme scheme
  2. rhyme
  3. informative article
  4. plot
  5. news stories
  1. a likeness of sounds at the ends of words
  2. b give objective, unbiased accounts of current events
  3. c provides fact about a specific subject
  4. d the pattern of end rhymes in a poem
  5. e a series of related events

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  1. the audience knows something that a character doesn't
  2. simple and less well developed
  3. author hints or shows what a character is like and the reader must figure out what the character is like
  4. writers attitude towards the subject
  5. where/when story takes place

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  1. internal rhymethe use of rhyming words at the end of a line


  2. expositorypresent or explain info and ideas


  3. basic situation/ expositionintroduces audience to characters, setting, and main conflict


  4. resolution/ falling actionthe attribution of human qualities to an object, animal, or idea


  5. round charactercomplex and developed