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  1. verbal irony
  2. diction
  3. style
  4. character
  5. end rhyme
  1. a the use of rhyming words at the end of a line
  2. b sarcasm, meaning something else
  3. c personal setting reveals a character's personalities
  4. d refers to the way a particular piece of literature is written
  5. e word choice

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  1. simple and less well developed
  2. comparison indicated by the words "like" or "as"
  3. the attribution of human qualities to an object, animal, or idea
  4. a character who fits our preconcieved notions or ideas
  5. changes in the story

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  1. 1st personexpress writer's thoughts and feelings about subjects


  2. rhymethe central idea of the story


  3. 3rd person omniscenta narrator observes one character


  4. dramatic ironysarcasm, meaning something else


  5. imagerycomparison indicated by the words "like" or "as"