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  1. verbal irony
  2. basic situation/ exposition
  3. internal rhyme
  4. antagonist
  5. 3rd person limited
  1. a anything that comes into conflict with the main character
  2. b sarcasm, meaning something else
  3. c the use of rhyming words within a line
  4. d introduces audience to characters, setting, and main conflict
  5. e a narrator observes one character

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  1. where all loose ends are tied up
  2. the pattern of end rhymes in a poem
  3. provides fact about a specific subject
  4. the repetition of vowel sounds in non-rhyming words
  5. simple and less well developed

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  1. news storiespresent or explain info and ideas


  2. situational ironythe audience knows something that a character doesn't


  3. metaphorwhere/when story takes place


  4. expositorypresent or explain info and ideas


  5. stock charactera character who fits our preconcieved notions or ideas