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Thin layer of tissue that covers a mollusk's body organs


Organs that exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen in the water

Open Circulatory System

Blood circulation system in which blood moves through vessels and into open spaces around the body organs


Tongue-like organ with rows of teeth used to scrape and tear food

Muscular Foot

Muscle on the bottom of most mollusks that allows them to move through their environment

Closed Circulatory System

Blood circulation system in which blood moves through the body in closed vessels

Jet Propulsion

Movement through the water by pushing water out through a cavity in the organisms body


Jointed structures of arthropods, such as legs, wings, or antennae


Thick, hard, outer covering that protects and supports arthropods bodies and provides places for muscles to attach


Shedding and replacing of an arthropod's exoskeleton


Openings in the abdomen of insects through which oxygen enters and exits


Process in which many insect species change their body to become adults

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