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  1. The way we think
    Panic disorder, uncontrollable attacks
    Cause of problems is underneath the surface and needs to be brought to the surface
    Treatment: Address at the concious level, talk about it.
  3. not, one, different perspectives
  4. work in... schools, bussiness/marketing, private pratice, human resources, entraprunship, military, anything that deals with how the mind works (studing people)

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  1. (Approaches/Perspectives) EvolutionarySource could be genetic, structural.....
    Could be changes in nurons
    solutions could be medications, surgery....


  2. (Approaches/Perspectives) HumanisticThe way we think
    Panic disorder, uncontrollable attacks


  3. (Approaches/Perspectives) Biological(Skinner, Pavola, Watson)
    About assocation
    Problem may be fear
    Treatment may be relaxation technique, finding a new association to the problem


  4. ______% Clinical,______% Industrial, ______% Academic, ______% Private Pratice, ______% Schools, ______% Othernot, one, different perspectives