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Wonder is a wonderful story of a boy whose face is deformed. These flash cards give questions about the book.
At the tour, who is August introduced to?
Charlotte, Jack Will, and Julian
Who doesn't August care for after the tour?
What does August tell his mom about Julian?
That he is one of those kids that is nice in front of adults but not with other kids
What family member considers Via her favorite?
Her grandmother (grans)
Who sits with August on the first day of school?
A girl named Summer
Why does August suddenly dislike Jack?
August heard Jack say that he is only pretending to be his friend.
How does Jack find out why August isn't talking to him?
Summer gives him the hint, Bleeding Scream
What is Via's boyfriend's name?
What is Via's real name?
Why didn't Miranda want to go to camp?
She wanted to stay home and help her mom cope with the divorce
In the make believe game what was Miranda's dog's name?
In the make believe game what sibling did Miranda have?
a deformed brother
What special thing did Miranda give Auggie?
his astronaut helmet
What caused the big argument between Via and her mom?
Via didn't tell them about the school play because she didn't want them to come and have people find out she had a "deformed" brother.
What was Miranda's nickname for Auggie?
Major Tom
Why didn't Miranda's mom come to opening night?
she had to work
Why didn't Miranda's dad come to opening night?
his new wife was giving birth
What nickname does August's dad give him?
What word does Mr. Browne use to describe his monthly mottos or sayings?
To what did August compare the Plague game to?
The Cheese Touch from Diary of a Wimpy Kid
What is August's obsession?
Star Wars
What costume does Summer really want to wear for Halloween?
Who meets with Jack to tell him about the party Julian had over Winter break?
What does August refer to his hearing aids as?
Even though it was traumatic, what good comes of the incident at the Nature Retreat?
August is accepted by his classmates, especially the boys who had been on Julian's side of the war.
What animal does August paint himself? How do we know this?
a duck; It's hanging in Mr. Tushman's office
How did Jack know August before he started Beecher Prep?
He had seen August at the ice cream parlor and at the park; his younger brother Jamie had screamed when he saw August.