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  1. Bedouins
  2. Water
  3. Palestine
  4. Hajj
  5. Allah
  1. a A natural liquid needed to live but is scarce in Southwest Asia.
  2. b An arabic word meaning God.
  3. c Pilgrimage made by Muslims to Mecca.
  4. d A territory in the Middle East on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Disputed with Israel.
  5. e A nomadic Arab shepherd of the desert.

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  1. Belief in one god.
  2. A monotheistic religion founded by Moses with primary teachings in the Torah.
  3. A monotheistic religion founded by Muhammed with teachings found in the Koran/Quran.
  4. The holiest city of Islam.
  5. The removal of salt from water to create freshwater.

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  1. ScarcityNot enough stuff (i.e. resources) to meet demand.


  2. SteppeA large area of flat unforested grassland.


  3. PetroleumAnother word for oil.


  4. OasisA valley that is dry most of the year except during the rainy season.


  5. ArabicA fertile place in the desert where there is water and vegetation.