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Mitosis Vs Meiosis

when does mitosis occur?
during M phase in cell division
mitosis is the division of the cell's...
what are the 4 phases of mitosis?
prophase metaphase anaphase telophase
what are the steps of prophase during mitosis?
chromosomes appear
nuclear envelope disappears
nucleolus disappears
centrioles split and travel to opposite poles of the cell
spindle fibers begin to form
what are the steps of metaphase during mitosis?
spindle fibers attach to the centromere between sister chromatids
chromosomes line up along the mid-line of the cell
what are the steps of anaphase during mitosis?
centromere's split and the sister chromatids are separated
spindle fibers pull individual chromatids toward the poles of the cell
what are the steps of telophase during mitosis?
chromosomes group together and begin to unravel, turing back into chromatin
nuclear envelope begins to reform
nucleolus appears again
cell membrane begins to pinch in
which phase of mitosis takes the longest time?
what phase of mitosis usually occurs at the same time as cytokinesis?
how many chromosomes does a normal human body have?
the cell division process that body cells undergo is called...
what does mitosis produce?
identical (to parent) daughter cells
what are somatic cells?
body cells
what are gamete cells?
sex cells
a cell with two complete sets of chromosomes is called a BLANK cell
a cell with one complete set of chromosomes is called a BLANK cell
what is the process by which the number of chromosomes from generation to generation are kept stable in organisms that are using sexual reproduction?
in meiosis, a diploid cell with produce how many haploid cells?
when are chromosomes replicated?
S phase
are chromosomes replicated before or after meiosis 1 stats?
what do chromosomes do in prophase 1?
pair with homologous chromosomes
what do chromosomes form in prophase 1?
a tetrad
how many chromatids are in a tetrad?
what is it called when tetrads exchange genetic material?
crossing over
in meiosis 2 does replication occur?
how many chromatids does each cell chromosome have in meiosis 2?
how many chromosomes does the final haploid cell contain after meiosis 2?
how many haploid sperm cells do males produce in meiosis?
how many haploid egg cells do women produce during meiosis? why?
1 because of the small amount of cytoplasm generated in cytokinesis
other cells are known as...
polar bodies
chromosomes are visible only during BLANK
cell division
G1, G2, S phase, M phase are all parts of the BLANK
cell cycle
what happens during G1?
cell growth
what happens during G2?
preparation for mitosis
what happens during S phase?
DNA replication
what does the cell do during interphase?
what is the series of events that cells go through as they grow and divide?
cell cycle
during metaphase, the chromosomes line up along the BLANK of the BLANK cell
middle dividing
what do the spindle fibers help do?
separate chromosomes
what are the two main stages of cell division?
mitosis and cytokinesis
during cell division, a parent cell with four chromosomes will produce BLANK
2 daughter cells
the 2 daughter cells produced in cell division with each have BLANK chromosomes
what does N stand for?
represents the number of chromosomes in a gamete
what is the symbol for a diploid?
what is the symbol for a haploid?
a haploid is BLANK the number of a diploid
gametes have one BLANK for each BLANK
allele gene
when are gametes produced?
during meiosis
what is crossing over?
when chromosomes become altered during meiosis
when do chromosomes form tetrads?
during prophase 1 of meiosis
between meiosis 1 and meioses 2, there is no BLANK
DNA replication
meiosis results in the formation of BLANK cells
mitosis results in the formation of BLANK cells
meiosis results in the formation of BLANK genetically BLANK cells
4 different
crossing over rarely occurs in mitosis because BLANK rarely form during mitosis