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  1. what is an example of a photoautroph?
  2. which is the most important bacteria ecologically?
  3. Needs Oxygen for repiration
  4. classification with conida as spore
  5. bacteria with the metabolic diversity that uses inorganic chemicals with co2
  1. a obligate aerobe
  2. b ascomycota
  3. c cyanobacteria
  4. d nitrogen fixating bacteria
  5. e chemoautotroph

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  1. bacillus
  2. peptidoglycan
  3. pseudopodia
  4. chitin
  5. absorption

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  1. which bacteria is more harmful? gram - or gram +gram -


  2. lichen and mycorrhizae have what symbiotic relations with other species?mutualism


  3. Type of fungi with flagella is calledcoenocytic


  4. class of fungi with sporangeaobligate aerobe


  5. Movement towards a response such as light, chemicals, or magnetstaxis