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  1. The theory that prokaryote is similar to miochondria and chloroplasts is called
  2. Needs Oxygen for repiration
  3. classification with conida as spore
  4. Black mold is classified as
  5. what is in the cell wall of a eubacteria
  1. a ascomycota
  2. b zygomycota
  3. c endosymbiosis
  4. d obligate aerobe
  5. e peptidoglycan

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  1. gullet
  2. heterotrophic
  3. hold-fast
  4. zygomycota
  5. cyanobacteria

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  1. life cycle where the nucli is fusedkaryogamy


  2. lichen and mycorrhizae have what symbiotic relations with other species?mutualism


  3. which is the most important bacteria ecologically?nitrogen fixating bacteria


  4. A ___________ is a heat loverthermophile


  5. purpose of the mycelliumbacillus