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  1. cyanobacteria is an example of a
  2. Hyphae with no cell walls is called
  3. purpose of the mycellium
  4. Needs Oxygen for repiration
  5. what mode of nutrition does fungi use
  1. a obligate aerobe
  2. b heterotrophic
  3. c absorption
  4. d coenocytic
  5. e photoautotroph

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  1. saprobe
  2. zygomycota
  3. ascomycota
  4. hold-fast
  5. Endospore

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  1. life cycle where the nucli is fusedphagocytizing


  2. what is an example of a photoautroph?cyanobacteria


  3. Needs oxygen or fermentation will occurfaculatative anaerobe


  4. bacteria with the metabolic diversity that uses inorganic chemicals with co2chemoautotroph


  5. the oral groove found in cilitates is called apseudopodia