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  1. life cycle where the nucli is fused
  2. A rod shape of bacteria
  3. The theory that prokaryote is similar to miochondria and chloroplasts is called
  4. Needs Oxygen for repiration
  5. An extra cell wall layer that can protect the bacteria from extreme environments
  1. a Endospore
  2. b obligate aerobe
  3. c endosymbiosis
  4. d karyogamy
  5. e bacillus

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  1. eubacteria
  2. peptidoglycan; Eubacteria
  3. cyanobacteria
  4. nitrogen fixating bacteria
  5. halophile

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  1. what mode of nutrition does fungi useheterotrophic


  2. To engulf prey is calledphagocytizing


  3. A ___________ is a heat loverthermophile


  4. the oral groove found in cilitates is called agullet


  5. Hyphae with no cell walls is calledcoenocytic


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