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  1. purpose of the mycellium
  2. The fusion of cytoplasm is called what?
  3. The fake foot of the amoeba is called the
  4. which bacteria is the most responsible for human disease?
  5. Hyphae with no cell walls is called
  1. a pseudopodia
  2. b coenocytic
  3. c absorption
  4. d plasmogamy
  5. e parasitic chemoheterotroph

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  1. phagocytizing
  2. bacillus
  3. photoautotroph
  4. zygomycota
  5. Endospore

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  1. what is in the cell wall of a eubacteriapeptidoglycan


  2. Cell type of protista iseubacteria


  3. A ___________ is a salt-loverhalophile


  4. A spherical shape of bacteriaspirillum


  5. Black mold is classified aseubacteria