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  1. A spiral shape of bacteria
  2. Hyphae with no cell walls is called
  3. Black mold is classified as
  4. A rod shape of bacteria
  5. what is in the cell wall of a eubacteria
  1. a spirillum
  2. b coenocytic
  3. c zygomycota
  4. d peptidoglycan
  5. e bacillus

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  1. chitin
  2. Obligate anaerobe
  3. hold-fast
  4. thermophile
  5. mutualism

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  1. Needs Oxygen for repirationeubacteria


  2. life cycle where the nucli is fusedabsorption


  3. The theory that prokaryote is similar to miochondria and chloroplasts is calledgullet


  4. To engulf prey is calledphagocytizing


  5. which bacteria is more harmful? gram - or gram +photoautotroph