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  1. Type of organism that uses light and organic compounds
  2. which bacteria is more harmful? gram - or gram +
  3. Cell type of protista is
  4. what mode of nutrition does fungi use
  5. what is in the cell wall of a eubacteria
  1. a heterotrophic
  2. b gram -
  3. c photoheterotrophs
  4. d eubacteria
  5. e peptidoglycan

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  1. obligate aerobe
  2. gullet
  3. zygomycota
  4. hold-fast
  5. Coccus

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  1. Hyphae with no cell walls is calledchytridiomycota


  2. which bacteria is the most responsible for human disease?gram -


  3. The fusion of cytoplasm is called what?plasmogamy


  4. The theory that prokaryote is similar to miochondria and chloroplasts is calledgullet


  5. classification with conida as sporezygomycota