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  1. the oral groove found in cilitates is called a
  2. life cycle where the nucli is fused
  3. Movement towards a response such as light, chemicals, or magnets
  4. Needs Oxygen for repiration
  5. Cell type of protista is
  1. a karyogamy
  2. b eubacteria
  3. c taxis
  4. d obligate aerobe
  5. e gullet

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  1. Coccus
  2. nitrogen fixating bacteria
  3. chytridiomycota
  4. coenocytic
  5. chemoautotroph

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  1. Type of organism that uses light and organic compoundschytridiomycota


  2. A ___________ is a heat loverhalophile


  3. cyanobacteria is an example of aphotoautotroph


  4. ________ is found in the walls of ________peptidoglycan; Eubacteria


  5. The fake foot of the amoeba is called thepseudopodia