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  1. what metabolic diversity uses inorganic chemicals and carbon dioxide to make energy?
  2. what is a group of rods called
  3. True or false. Prokaryotes are symbiotic
  4. What is a sphere shaped Bacteria called
  5. what is a line of cocci called
  1. a chemoautotrophs
  2. b true
  3. c cocci
  4. d parlisades
  5. e streptococcus

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  1. gram staining
  2. nitrogen fixation
  3. photoheterotrophs
  4. parasites
  5. archaebacteria

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  1. what is a spiral shaped bacteria calledspirilla


  2. what is a line of rods calledstreptobacilli


  3. parasitic prokaryotes are an example ofchemoheterotrophs


  4. what decomposes and absorbs nutrients from dead and decaying mattersaprobes


  5. what metabolic diversity uses only inorganic compoundschemoheterotrophs