24 terms

S.S. Chap. 18- Southern Africa Vocab

Kalahari Desert
high, vast arid plateau in southwestern Africa, composing most of Botswansa with parts in Namibia and South Africa
Namib Desert
desert in southwestern Africa in southwester Angola through Namibia to the border between Namibia and South Africa
Zambezi River
African river that flows into the Indian Ocean
Orange River
largest river in South Africa which starts in Drakensberg Mountains in northeastern Lesotho and flows westward to the Atlantic Ocean
Okavango River
river in southwest Africa
Cape of Good Hope
cape at southern tip of Africa
Drakensburg Mountains
mountain range in Southern Africa through Lesotho and parts of South Africa
steep face at the edge of a plateau or other raised area
open grassland areas in South Africa
low, flat area
natural resource
any material in nature that people use and value
renewable resource
resource Earth replaces naturally
nonrenewable resource
resource that can't be replaced naturally
economical or political penalties imposed by one country on another to try to force a policy change
South Africa's government policy of the separation of races that was abandoned in the '80s and '90s. Means "apartness"
crowded clusters of small homes in South Africa outside of cities where black South Africans live
person's or people's native land
Dutch, French and German settlers and their descendants in South Africa
Afrikaner frontier farmers in South Africa
African National Congress
South African political party and black nationalist group that was banned from 1960-90 but was victorious in the first democratic elections in South Africa in 1994 when its leader, Nelson Mandela, became he country's first president.
small territory surrounded by foreign territory
country completely surrounded by South Africa
country almost completely surrounded by South Africa
member of a South African people in KwaZulu-Natal province