Farmers grew food surpluses, which led to the cease of nomads
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Obtain divorces, pass on properties, run household, cook, sewWhat were some Egyptian woman rights?Buy and sell goods, and make willsWhat jobs did Egyptian women have/1. Pharoah and family 2.Priests and nobles 3. Traders, artisans, scorekeepers, scribes 4. Farmers and herders 5. Unskilled workersName the Egyptian Social Class.Without the Nile, Egypt and its civilization wouldn't existExplain "The Gift of the Nile".Played board games, with dolls, spinning tops, and stuffed leather ballsHow did Egyptian children have fun?1. Rivers 2. Economy- trade and farming 3. Eventually one ruler 4. Artisan work- metal, pottery, and cloth 5. Advances of writing systems, calendars, and number systemCompare Egypt to Mesopotamia1. Writing system and language 2. Growth of population 3. Farming and crafts were createdGovernment GrowthPharoahs held so much power that Egyptians said they were "god-like"Why did pharoahs hold so much power?To protect the pharoah's body from decayingWhy did Egyptians embalm the pharoah's body?1. About the human body ^ EX: Med., sewing, setting bonesWhat did Egyptians learn from embalming bodies/1. Re- sun god 2. Hapi- Nile god 3. Isis- loyalty, mother, and daughter goddessMain Egyptian gods and goddesses.A book made by Egyptians that held "magical spells" for the dead to go to the next lifeWhat was the Book of the Dead?Starts 4th dynasty and an engineering perfectionistWho's Snefru?The pharoah had to go to the afterlife in order for Egyptians to go as well. They were afterlife rulersWhy was it important for pharoahs to go to the afterlife?To protect the pharoah from wild animals, grave robbers, bad weather, and to guide pharoahs to the afterlifeWhat was a pyramid's purpose?To build pyramids, Egyptians needed to use astronomy and geometryHow did pyramid building lead to advances in science and math.Sleds, barges, and rampsHow was stone for a pyramid transported?500 ft tall; 48 story-buildingHow tall was the Great Pyramid?Many deitiesEgypt and Mesopotamia religion same- how?1. Sand pit burials 2. Mastabas 3. Step-pyramids 4. Mydume, Slanted, and Red pyramid 5. Great Pyramid of Giza (Khufu)Pyramid evolution.Bigger, stronger, and The Valley of Kings was builtMiddle Kingdom architecture change.Trade grew, conquests grew, art grew, land grew, and tribute payment was createdImprovement of Middle Kingdom rulers.Mighty warriors that crossed the Red Land with horse drawn chariots, and copper and stone weaponsWho were the Hyksos?Trade greatly grew, trade expedition to Punt, 22 yrs. rule and trade, values used to build Valley of KingsHatshepsut trading rule in Egypt.Female pharoah and preferred trade over conquestWhy was Hatshepsut odd as a pharoah/Akenhaton became monotheistic to god, Akon; priests and Egyptians quickly became upset- broken traditionHow did Akhenaton upset Egyptian tradition?Tut's tomb was untouched and provided lots of information and resources about him, his family, Egypt, other pharoah, diseases, etc...Why was Tut's tomb so famous?Nubians/Kush attacked and conquered Egypt900's B.C.; group that conquered Egypt.1. Conquered land 2. Increased Egypt's trade 3. Payed tribute 4. Better artMiddle Kingdom1. First woman Egyptian pharoah 2. Created Akon, the "only" god 3. Expanded the empire of Egypt 4. Valuable minerals were foundNew Kingdom1. Reigned for 67 years 2. Constructed several major temples 3. Defeated Syrians // HittitesRamses 2 accomplishments