20 terms

Basketball terms

the act of bouncing the ball continuosly with one hand- this is required to move around the court
controlling the ball that comes from a missed shot
jump ball
start of the game- one player from each team jumps to get possession of the ball
to try and give your opponent a disadvantage physically
taking steps without dribbling
free throw
after a foul a player is given a free throw shot because of the disadvantage, 1 point is awarded
back court
area from mid court back
technical foul
violation, 1 free throw
personal foul
the fifth and final foul of that player and he or she is disqualified
fast break
when the offensive team quickly gains possession of the ball
an offencsive foul that occers when a player runs into one of the opposing team that is stationary
when a player holds the ball so tht the other team cannot get it
either a 2 handed dribble or when a played starts dribbling, stops, and then starts again instead of passing or shooting
bounce, chest, overhead, baseball
four types of passes
set, jump, hook, lay up
four types of shots
offensive team
has possession of the ball
defensive team
blocking the team with possession
calf, quadricep, triceps, biceps, deltoid,
what muscles are used to play basket ball?
yes because it doesnt matter how you play
is basketball good for all ages?
yes because it gets you breathing heavy and gets your heart rate up
is basketball a good cardiovascular? why or why not?