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  1. what is another name for basidiomycota
  2. which fungi produces spores?
  3. an example of mold is
  4. which fungi is aquatic
  1. a asomycota
  2. b chytridiomycota
  3. c penicillium
  4. d club fungi

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  1. Basidiomycota
  2. lichen
  3. decomposers
  4. basidiomycota
  5. the exchange of minerals between plants and fungi

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  1. what is a brush-like mold calledpenicillium


  2. what is it called when there are no cell walls in the hyphae?coenocytic


  3. The fusion of cytoplasm is called thisplasmogamy


  4. mushrooms are what kind of fungi?asomycota


  5. what is a mutualistic association with plant roots calledmycorrhizae