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  1. what is an evolutionary adaptation that allows fungi to trap and prey on animals?
  2. mushrooms are what kind of fungi?
  3. when the cytoplasm is fused but the nuclei are still separate it is in what stage
  4. 3rd class of fungi
  5. 1st class of fungi
  1. a asomycota
  2. b heterokaryotic
  3. c chytridiomycota
  4. d haustoria
  5. e basidiomycota

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  1. penicillium
  2. coenocytic
  3. spores
  4. club fungi
  5. athelets foot; ringworm

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  1. what is an ecological benefit from fungidecomposers


  2. what type of fungi are truffles?zygomycota


  3. the fusion of the nuclei is calledkaryogamy


  4. the spores of ascomycota are calledconidia


  5. what type of fungi is black mold?ascomycota


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