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  1. which fungi is aquatic
  2. the fusion of the nuclei is called
  3. the spores of ascomycota are called
  4. what type of fungi are truffles?
  5. what is it called with the mycellium have cell walls?
  1. a conidia
  2. b karyogamy
  3. c chytridiomycota
  4. d ascomycota
  5. e septate

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  1. basidiomycota
  2. penicillium
  3. mycellium
  4. athelets foot; ringworm
  5. chytridiomycota

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  1. which class of fungi has flagellachytridiomycota


  2. what is a unicellular fungi that inhabits moist habitatsdecomposers


  3. 4th class of fungizygomycota


  4. what is a symbiotic association between fungi and algaemycorrhizae


  5. what are lichens sensitive tohyphae