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  1. what is an ecological benefit from fungi
  2. which class of fungi has flagella
  3. what are on the ends of mycellium
  4. what is a unicellular fungi that inhabits moist habitats
  5. which fungi produces spores?
  1. a decomposers
  2. b asomycota
  3. c chytridiomycota
  4. d yeast
  5. e spores

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  1. athelets foot; ringworm
  2. club fungi
  3. mycellium
  4. lichen
  5. chytridiomycota

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  1. what are lichens sensitive tohyphae


  2. mycorrhizae is whatchytridiomycota


  3. the spores of ascomycota are calledkaryogamy


  4. ascomycota fungi are also known assac fungi


  5. 3rd class of fungiasomycota