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  1. what are mycellium made up of
  2. what is the name of the yeast that bakers use
  3. what is a mutualistic association with plant roots called
  4. what is another name for club fungi
  5. what is another name for basidiomycota
  1. a mycorrhizae
  2. b club fungi
  3. c basidiomycota
  4. d hyphae
  5. e saccharomyces

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  1. the exchange of minerals between plants and fungi
  2. chytridiomycota
  3. athelets foot; ringworm
  4. penicillium
  5. decomposers

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  1. what are on the ends of mycelliumair pollution


  2. the spores of ascomycota are calledconidia


  3. what is a symbiotic association between fungi and algaemycorrhizae


  4. mushrooms are what kind of fungi?basidiomycota


  5. an example of mold iszygomycota


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