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  1. vancomycin
  2. antimicrobial spectrum
  3. toxic dose
  4. rifampin
  5. polymyxins
  1. a kills bacteria in the intestines; inhibits cell wall synthesis but drug of last resort because it can cause damage to ears and kidneys; is resisted by enterococcus
  2. b concentration of a drug that causes harm to the host
  3. c range of pathogens to which a certain drug will work
  4. d interferes with nucleic acid synthesis in RNA synthesis; effective against tb, leprosy, meningitis; causes liver damage; used with Isoniazid and Ethambutol
  5. e increase membrane permeability of gram negative bacteria; topical use

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  1. drugs partly of laboratory origin and partly of microbial origin; improve the natural product; reduce side effects
  2. accidentally discovered penicillium mold; discovered it could kill some gram positive bacteria
  3. broad spectrum including chlamydias and rickettsais; destroy intestinal microbiota and cause staining of teeth; bind with calcium; put in animal feed
  4. derived from a lincosamide; used against penicillin resistant bacteria; typically kills microbiota causing pseudomembranous colitis
  5. toxic dose divided by therapeutic dose (all per kg body weight)

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  1. chloramphenicolused against a variety of bacteria and rickettsiae and fungi; interferes with the peptide bond formation; meningitis, cholera, typhoid fever, rocky mountain spotted fever; can cause aplastic anemia or gray syndrome


  2. kanamycinused in wound tissue


  3. oxazolidinoneseffective against gram positive bacteria but is a last resort because it produces allergic reactions and is highly toxic to mitochondria


  4. carbapenemsactive against aerobic, gram negative rods; narrow spectrum; low toxicity; used for noscomial diseases and bacterial meningitis


  5. streptograminsbroad spectrum; used for tb; can cause auditory damage