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  1. sulfonamides
  2. streptomycin
  3. chemotherapeutic index
  4. antimicrobial agents
  5. semisynthetic drugs
  1. a chemotherapeutic drugs used to treat infectious disease
  2. b toxic dose divided by therapeutic dose (all per kg body weight)
  3. c broad spectrum; used for tb; can cause auditory damage
  4. d interfere with the DNA synthesis by competing with PABA in making folic acid; eventually kills the bacterial cell
  5. e drugs partly of laboratory origin and partly of microbial origin; improve the natural product; reduce side effects

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  1. concentration of a drug that causes harm to the host
  2. bacteria may evolve the ability to prevent drug entry into the cytoplasm or to pump the drug out of the cytoplasm
  3. broad spectrum; highly resistant to beta lactamases; last resort for many bacterial infections; primaxin
  4. used to treat infections, diseases, and other disorders such as cancer
  5. active against aerobic, gram negative rods; narrow spectrum; low toxicity; used for noscomial diseases and bacterial meningitis

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  1. bacitracinpolypeptide antibiotic; interferes with transport of cell wall precursors through the cell membrane; toxic internally so used topically


  2. cephalosporinsbroader spectrum alternative to penicillins; gram positive and gram negative; resistant to many beta lactamases; cefixime


  3. vancomycinkills bacteria in the intestines; inhibits cell wall synthesis but drug of last resort because it can cause damage to ears and kidneys; is resisted by enterococcus


  4. chloramphenicolused against a variety of bacteria and rickettsiae and fungi; interferes with the peptide bond formation; meningitis, cholera, typhoid fever, rocky mountain spotted fever; can cause aplastic anemia or gray syndrome


  5. penicillinaseinactivates penicillin by opening the beta lactam ring


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