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  1. oxazolidinones
  2. Quinolones and fluoroquinolones
  3. gentamicin
  4. Florey and Chain
  5. macrolides
  1. a effective against gram positive bacteria but is a last resort because it produces allergic reactions and is highly toxic to mitochondria
  2. b reisolated and purified penicillin for use as an antimicrobial drug
  3. c block DNA synthesis in bacteria; broad spectrum; urinary tract infections; ex. ciprofloxacin, nofloxacin
  4. d used against gram positive; alternative to penicillin; erythromycin blocks protein synthesis by inhibiting chain elongation (ZPAC-azithromycin)
  5. e used against gram negative infections of the urinary tract

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  1. broad spectrum; used for tb; can cause auditory damage
  2. concentration of a drug that eliminates pathogens in the host
  3. bacteria may evolve the ability to enzymatically inactivate an antibiotic
  4. kills bacteria in the intestines; inhibits cell wall synthesis but drug of last resort because it can cause damage to ears and kidneys; is resisted by enterococcus
  5. attach to bacterial ribosomes blocking translation of RNA into proteins

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  1. semisynthetic drugsdrugs partly of laboratory origin and partly of microbial origin; improve the natural product; reduce side effects


  2. synthetic drugdrug synthesized in the pharmaceutical lab; like prontosil and salvarsan


  3. salvarsaninterferes with nucleic acid synthesis in RNA synthesis; effective against tb, leprosy, meningitis; causes liver damage; used with Isoniazid and Ethambutol


  4. antimicrobial agentschemotherapeutic drugs used to treat infectious disease


  5. active export of antibioticsdrugs derived from the metabolism of living microorganisms; work to kill or inhibit living organisms