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  1. bacitracin
  2. gentamicin
  3. antibiotics
  4. toxic dose
  5. active export of antibiotics
  1. a polypeptide antibiotic; interferes with transport of cell wall precursors through the cell membrane; toxic internally so used topically
  2. b concentration of a drug that causes harm to the host
  3. c bacteria may evolve the ability to prevent drug entry into the cytoplasm or to pump the drug out of the cytoplasm
  4. d drugs derived from the metabolism of living microorganisms; work to kill or inhibit living organisms
  5. e used against gram negative infections of the urinary tract

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  1. range of pathogens to which a certain drug will work
  2. tube dilution method, agar disk diffusion
  3. mix of bacitracin, polymyxin; and neomycin
  4. interfere with the DNA synthesis by competing with PABA in making folic acid; eventually kills the bacterial cell
  5. effective against gram positive bacteria but is a last resort because it produces allergic reactions and is highly toxic to mitochondria

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  1. penicillinaseinactivates penicillin by opening the beta lactam ring


  2. vancomycinused in wound tissue


  3. selective toxicitysays that antimicrobial agent should harm the the infectious agent but not the host


  4. carbapenemsactive against aerobic, gram negative rods; narrow spectrum; low toxicity; used for noscomial diseases and bacterial meningitis


  5. aminoglycosidesattach to bacterial ribosomes blocking translation of RNA into proteins