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Ms. Sterling Teen Leadership Lessons 1-11

What is the difference between those who do well and those who truly excel?

Extra 5% Effort

What does W.I.T. stand for?

Whatever it takes

How long does it take for someone to form a first impression of you?

30 seconds

How long does it take to reverse a bad first impression you have made?

20 additional visits

When talking to a person for the first time, how many times should you use the person's name in conversation?

3 times

The Qualities of someone seeking personal mastery

*Leaders want to be all that they can be
*They are growing
*They are committed to learning and to education
*They want their lives to make a difference in the world
*They have a very clear idea of the person they want to become

What is the Hamburger Bun Method?

1. Tell us what you are going to say.
2. Then Say it.
3. And tell us what you just said.

When doing speeches, what should you work hardest on writing and memorizing?

Your opening and closing lines

What is self-concept?

The way we see ourselves or what I think about myself

What are the three ways that self-concept is formed?

Social Experiences, Social Comparisons, and Reflected Appraisals

What are social experiences?

*What others tell us about ourselves
*How they treat us
*Starts as a newborn...

What are social comparisons?

*Our abilities vs. their abilities
*My looks vs. her looks etc.
*Ex. "I'm smart because I got a better grade!"

What are reflected appraisals?

*What we think others are thinking about us
*Ex. "Those cheerleaders must think I'm a dork."

Problem #1

We tend to hear the negatives more loudly than the positives.

Problem #2

We tend to base out self-concept on our performance

What is self-confidence?

The product of a positive self-concept

What is reframing?

taking a negative thought or event, finding a new perspective in how to deal with it, and moving forward.

Cues that people notice in a first impression

*Eye Contact
*Dress and Grooming
*Facial Expressions
*Tone of Voice
*Level or Relaxation
*Energy Level

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