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Why could the entire United States also be called a state?

Because it is an independent country

What were the two earliest types of states?

City-states and Empire states

When and by whom were the first true nation-states founded?

21st century Greeks

In which types of governments do ordinary citizens have little or no say in decisions?


What is the purpose of the United Nations?

To resolve disputes and promote peace

What are the 3 basic economic questions?

WHAT will be produced?
BY WHOM will it be produced?
FOR WHOM will it be produced?

Why is capitalism called a free-market economy?

Producers compete freely for consumers.

Who controls the prices of goods and services in the economic system of communism?

The government

Who owns businesses in a mixed economy?

Private owners AND the government.

What is the difference in products sold by developed nations and those sold by developing nations?

Developed nations tend to sell products made with advanced TECHNOLOGY, while developING nations tend to sell foods, natural resources and simple industrial products.

Demographers use the "push-pull" theory to explain what?


People migrate because difficulties (push or pull?) them to leave


People's hope for a better life will (push or pull?) them to a new country


In the 1840's &50's, 1.5 million Irish people were pushed to leave because of:

disease and hunger

In the mid 1800's, Irish people were pulled to the United States because of:

job opportunities

A example of involuntary migration.

During the 1800s, the British sent prisoners to Australia to serve their sentences

From the 1500s to 1800s, millions of Africans were taken against their will to Europe and the Americas as


An ECONOMIC reason why people migrate:

They cannot find work

Because of rapid population growth, Sao Paulo, Brazil cannot provide its citizens with enough:

houses and jobs

The desire for ownership pulls people to

the suburbs

The primary reason for migration between India and Pakistan in 1947 was:

religious differences

What have some countries done to reduce the cost of trade?

formed trade alliances

The economic system of the US may be called a mixed economy because

both the government and private individuals own industries

Many people in developING nations get their food by practicing:

substinence farming

Which is NOT a kind of government
direct democracy
absolute monarchy

city-state is a REGION, not a government

In a representative democracy, citizens elect representatives who create


Which of the following international organizations is a military alliance?
United Nations
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
European Union
World Trade Organization

North Atlantic Treaty Organization

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