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  1. A chronic depression that lasts for years but does not warrant a diagnosis of depression may be termed_______
  2. antrop/o
  3. Extreme trauma that may result in flashbacks, nightmares,hypervigilance,or relieving the trauma is called_____
  4. -phobia
  5. PTSD is_____stress disorder
  1. a posttraumatic stress disorder
  2. b post traumatic
  3. c man
  4. d dysthymia
  5. e fear

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  1. anorexia nervosa
  2. appetite
  3. sadomasochism
  4. anxiety
  5. hypomania

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  1. Fear of enclosed space is calledkleptomania


  2. ped/ofire


  3. An alternative name for anthropophobia is______kleptomania


  4. Patient who develop separate personalities as a result of severely stressful situation are diagnosed with what disorderobsessive-compulsive disorder


  5. claustr/oa closing