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  1. Episodes of mood changes from depression to mania are called
  2. orex/o
  3. -phobia
  4. What is the term for an insatiable sexual desire in men
  5. What is the health care term for the pathological impulse to set fires?
  1. a appetite
  2. b satyriasis
  3. c pyromania
  4. d bipolar disorder
  5. e fear

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  1. claustrophobia
  2. a closing
  3. somnambulism
  4. hypersomnia
  5. man

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  1. A sensory perception that occurs with no external cause ishallucination


  2. ped/ofire


  3. Extreme trauma that may result in flashbacks, nightmares,hypervigilance,or relieving the trauma is called_____depressive disorder


  4. In GAD, the A stand foranxiety


  5. An inappropriate,persistent elevation of mood that may include irritability is called_______sadomasochism