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  1. What is the health care term for walking in one's sleep?
  2. What is the health care term for the pathological impulse to set fires?
  3. A prolonged refusal to eat adequate amounts of food and an altered perception of what constitutes a minimal body weight,caused by a morbid fear of becoming obese, is
  4. The condition of abnormal development of social interaction, impaired communication,and repetitive behavior is
  5. A disorder characterized y impulsive, unpredictable mood and self-image, resulting in unstable interpersonal relationships and a tendency to see and respond to others as unwaveringly good or evil is ______personality disorder
  1. a anorexia nervosa
  2. b somnambulism
  3. c borderline
  4. d autism
  5. e pyromania

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  1. dysphoria
  2. satyriasis
  3. appetite
  4. hypochondriacal disorder
  5. generalized anxiety disorder

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  1. An inappropriate,persistent elevation of mood that may include irritability is called_______hypomania


  2. Male patients who experience uncontrollable ejaculation caused by anxiety may be diagnosed with______generalized anxiety disorder


  3. Auditory hallucinations, delusions, and thought disturbances are characteristics ofparasomnia


  4. phil/oattraction


  5. A sensory perception that occurs with no external cause ishallucination