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  1. claustr/o
  2. A disorder characterized by recurrent, distressing,and unavoidable preoccupations or irresistible drive to perform specific rituals that patient feels will prevent some harmful events is
  3. A condition of being without pleasure is
  4. Episodes of mood changes from depression to mania are called
  5. A disorder characterized y impulsive, unpredictable mood and self-image, resulting in unstable interpersonal relationships and a tendency to see and respond to others as unwaveringly good or evil is ______personality disorder
  1. a OCD
  2. b anhedonia
  3. c borderline
  4. d bipolar disorder
  5. e a closing

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  1. anorexia nervosa
  2. sadomasochism
  3. generalized anxiety disorder
  4. depressive disorder
  5. anxiety

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  1. Patient who develop separate personalities as a result of severely stressful situation are diagnosed with what disorderdissociative identity disorder


  2. A mental disorder in which the individual experiences a progressive loss of memory,personality,alterations,
    confusion,loss of touch with reallity,and stupor
    anorexia nervosa


  3. phil/ofire


  4. What is the term for an insatiable sexual desire in mensatyriasis


  5. Patients who continually express physical complaints that have no real basis have a type of _______hypochondriacal disorder