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fever marked by reguraly recurring chills


a military fortification equipped with guns

beggar my neighbor

a card game in which the object is to acquire all of the opponent's cards; to beggar means "to make poor" and also "to make seem inadequate


a novel that deals with the developement of a young person usually from adolescence to maturity


eating too fast and swallowing food whole

bound out of hand

made an apprentice immediately


a grain merchant


dialect for farthing, a coin equal to one fourth of a penny


a place where metal is heated; a blacksmith's shop


a structure like a gallows, from which the corpses of criminals would be hung as a warning to others


an old ship, no longer seaworthy, used as a prison ship


contracts binding people to work for another person specified period of time


"good times"


stands for a Latin term "note bene." It means "Note well" or "Pay attention"


a stiff leather suitcase that opens into 2 compartments

tar water

an unpleasant tasting liquid made from the bark of a tree

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