Julius Caesar Act II


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The literary terms that means hinting at events that will occur at a later date is
The form of verse that Julius Caesar is written in is
Blank Verse-unrhymed iambic pentameter
At the beginning of Act II, what is the problem Brutus faces?
To join or not to join the plot to kill Caesar
Cassius is worried that Caesar may not leave his home on the ides of March because
Of the soothsayer and all of the Superstitious events
What is unusual about the conspirators who come to Brutus' house?
They are covered in cloaks and they look suspitious
Name the conspirators who come to Brutus' house.
Cassius, Casca, Decius, Cinna, Metellus Cimber, Trebonius, & Caius Ligarius
While Brutus and Cassius talk quietly, what do the other conspirators do?
Small talk about where the sun was going to rise
What is Brutus' final decision regarding Caesar?
He is going to join the plot and assassinate Caesar for the good of Rome
Why does Brutus make this decision?
For the good of Rome
Which other person does the conspirators feel should be killed?
Mark Antony
What do the conspirators decide to do about this person? Why?
Not kill him because without Caesar mark Antony will have no clue what to do.
Who is going to persuade Caesar to go to the Senate?
How is Decius going to persuade Caesar to go to the senate?
By flattering him
What does Portia beg of Brutus?
To tell her what is going on
How does she attempt to prove that she is a strong and brave woman?
She stabs herself in the leg
What effect does Portia's proof have on Brutus?
He tells her everything
When the augurers make a sacrifice of a lamb, what do they find?
The lamb doesn't have a heart
What do they interpret the lamb without a heart mean?
It is unsafe for Caesar to leave
Who pleads with Caesar to stay home?
His wife Calphernia
What is Caesar's first decision about going to the capitol?
He was going to stay home
Why does he make the decision to stay home?
For his wife Calphernia
What is Caesar told that changes his mind?
Decius told him it was a good sign
What does Portia want Lucius to do?
Go to the capitol and see if Brutus and Caesar are okay
Who is Portia worried about at the end of Act II?
Brutus and Ceasar
Who attempts to give Caesar an anonymous letter?
What does the anonymous letter do?
Warns Caesar about Brutus' plot to kill Caesar
Where is Artemidorus going to when he give Caesar the letter?
Between Caesar's hous and the capitol
What will happen if Caesar reads the letter?
He might live
What will happen if Caesar does not read the letter?
He will die
Give an example of foreshadowing in Act II.
Calphernia's Dream
Sacrifice of the Lamb
Artemidorus' letter