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Chapters 10 and 11


He was a Trojan Hero. He carried his father from the burning city of Troy and then serched for a new home for the Trojans. After traveling all around the Mediterranean, Aeneas finnally settled in Italy.

Romulus and Remus

The Romans belived that the twin Rromulus and Remus were descendants of Aenea. In Roman legend, Romulus and Remus were rescued from being put in a river to drowned, by a woldf. Romulus later killed Remus and built the city of Rome.


where people elect leaders to govern them


rulers with almost absolute power


Cincinnatus is the most famous dictator from the early republic.


common people


nobles, or very wealthy people




The two most powerful magistrates in Rome

Roman State

A council of wealthy and powerful Romans that adcised the city's leaders


to prohibit. To say NO


The Romans language

checks and balances

methods of balancing power


Rome's republic meeting place.

Punic Wars

a series of Wars against Carthage, a city in North Afirica.

Gaius Marus

A consul who encouraged poor people to join the army.


groups of soldiers that go up to 6,000 soldiers

Lucius Cornelius Sulla

was a consul. Sulla changed Rome's goverment forever when he became a dictator. He made the Senete be the main ruling froup in Rome, and he increased its power during his rule.


a former gladiator who rose up and demanded freedom. Him and his followers defeated an army sent to stop them and took over much of Southern Italy


A philosopher and gifted orator, which is also a gifted speaker. He tried to stop the chaos is Rome's Goverment

Julius Caesae

He conquared Gaul and added it to the Empire. Powerful general that took over Romes Goverment.


Ceasars powerfu friend who Julius made an alliance with to rule Rome.


Caesars adopted son who was once named Octavian.

Pax Romana

Roman peace


a riased channel used to carry water from mountians into cities

Romance Language

Latin developed words. It includes French, Spanish, Italian, Portugese, and Romanian

civil Law

a legal system based on a written code of laws


The religion bsaed on the life of Jesus


A man, who was gods son but birth parents of Joseph and Mary. He healed people and rose from his death.


The book that explains Jesus's life


a type of execution in which a person was nailed on the cross


Jesus's rise from the dead


People who spread the word of Jesus

Paul of Tasus

A man that spread the study of Jesus's death by writting leteters and telling others.


An emporor who became a christian and removed the bans on a religion.


Rome's emporor. He shared the ruleing of Rome. He controled the East side and a co-emporor ruled the western part.


The Huns leader who raided Roman terittory in the east.


the decay of people's values


Byzantine Empire ruler who conquared parts of the fallen weastern empire and simplified Roman laws. Theodors husband.


Justinian's wife. She convinced Justinian to stay and fight. Whenm he took her idvise he crushed the riots.

Byzantine Empire

the society that deverloped in the Eastern Roman Empire.


One of the greatest generals of ther ancient world. He began the 2nd Punic war by attacin one of Rome's allies in Spain. Was the leader of Carthage, but was forced to flee by the Romans. Went to Asia and joined a king to fight with the Romans. Killed the king so he wouldnt be taken by the Romans.

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