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17 terms

American government

continuous body
Since a few seats in Congress are up each year this type of group is know as _______
Congress must meet formally at least twice during each ______ to caryy out the business of lawmaking
an introduction to the rights and responsibilies of the constitution
commander in cheif
the priesident's role as the head of the armed forces
who can declare war
the formal statement of a political party's basic principles
popular sovereignty
political and legislative powers resides with the citizens
presidential succession
what to do if the president leaves office, the chain of comand
checks and balance
seperation of power the group doesn't have too much power
keynote address
the speech given by and important person in the party during the national convention
a body of qualified voters .
we the people
the power lies within the people of the united states of america
how many senate seats
How many in the house of represenitives
who sets the number of seat in the senate and house of rep
the consititution
what state has the most in the house of representives
Does each state have one person in the house of representives