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  1. pure substance
  2. heterogeneous mixture
  3. ductility
  4. centrifuge
  5. thermal conductivity
  1. a mixture in which different materials can be distinquished easily so it doesn't appear the same throughout
  2. b What kind of matter have unique sets of properties that help to aid in their identification?
  3. c ability of a substance to be drawn or pulled into a wire
  4. d ability of a substance to transfer heat from one area to another
  5. e device that spins liquids at high speeds to separate it into parts based on densities

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  1. Name the parts of a solution.
  2. Name two examples of colloids.
  3. How many elements are created in man-made laboratories?
  4. any characteristic of a material that you can observe or measure without changing the IDENTITY of the material
  5. Which is the solute with oxygen in the air?

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  1. color, shape, state of matter, size, density, temperature, melting point, boiling point, odor, taste, viscosity, thermal conductivity, mass, volume, malleability, ductility, solubilityName three different physical properties


  2. viscosityability of a substance to flow like a liquid


  3. granite, concrete, dry soup mix, pizza, cheese, Chex mix, trail mix, Italian dressingName two compounds.


  4. physical changeHow can mixtures be separated?


  5. The properties of elements are the same as the properties of a mixture of the elementsExplain how the properties of elements compare to properties of a compound the elements make up.