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  1. physical property
  2. malleability
  3. solubility
  4. volume
  5. solvent
  1. a any characteristic of a material that you can observe or measure without changing the IDENTITY of the material
  2. b ability of a substance to be pounded into thin sheets
  3. c substance in which the solute is dissolved or substance with the greater volume (amount)
  4. d the amount of space an objects takes up
  5. e ability of a substance to be dissolved into another substance

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  1. Name two ways to separate a mixture.
  2. combination of two or more elements, compounds, or BOTH that can be separated by physical means that are NOT in a fixed proportion
  3. ability of a substance to transfer heat from one area to another
  4. Name two examples of homogeneous mixtures.
  5. substance that is dissolved (smaller amount)

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  1. filtrationprocess of separating a mixture based on boiling points of the liquid components


  2. colloidtype of pure substance in which atoms of two or more elements CHEMICALLY combine in a FIXED proportion


  3. pure substanceable to be dissolved


  4. ductilityability of a substance to be drawn or pulled into a wire


  5. matteranything that has mass and volume


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