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  1. colloid and suspension
  2. 26
  3. physical property
  4. sifting, magnetism, distillation, centrifuge, physical removal, filtration
  5. flammability, reactivity with water, oxygen, acids, other substances
  1. a Name two chemical properties.
  2. b Name two ways to separate a mixture.
  3. c How many elements are created in man-made laboratories?
  4. d Which type of mixture has solute large enough to scatter light?
  5. e any characteristic of a material that you can observe or measure without changing the IDENTITY of the material

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  1. Name two examples of heterogeneous mixtures.
  2. anything that has mass and volume
  3. How many elements occur naturally?
  4. Name two compounds.
  5. ability of a substance to be pounded into thin sheets

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  1. pure substanceable to be dissolved


  2. by physical meansHow can mixtures be separated?


  3. pure substancesubstance that is dissolved (smaller amount)


  4. insolubleable to be dissolved


  5. Physical change - rocks are broken into smaller/different pieces, but they are still rocks; chemical change - substances dissolve in water and react with other substances in the soil, air, or water making new substancesWhat type of change is weathering and why?