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  1. matter
  2. weathering
  3. ductility
  4. distillation
  5. granite, concrete, dry soup mix, pizza, cheese, Chex mix, trail mix, Italian dressing
  1. a process in which rocks / Earth's surface are broken into smaller pieces that vary in size
  2. b anything that has mass and volume
  3. c ability of a substance to be drawn or pulled into a wire
  4. d process of separating a mixture based on boiling points of the liquid components
  5. e Name two examples of heterogeneous mixtures.

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  1. What kind of matter have unique sets of properties that help to aid in their identification?
  2. Name three clues that a chemical change has occurred.
  3. unable to be dissolved
  4. Which is the solute with oxygen in the air?
  5. mixture in which different materials can be distinquished easily so it doesn't appear the same throughout

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  1. vinegar, pop, mayonaise, jello, kool-aidName two examples of homogeneous mixtures.


  2. elementWhich is the solute with oxygen in the air?


  3. color, shape, state of matter, size, density, temperature, melting point, boiling point, odor, taste, viscosity, thermal conductivity, mass, volume, malleability, ductility, solubilityName three different physical properties


  4. solublesubstance that is dissolved (smaller amount)


  5. mixtureWhich is the solvent with oxygen in the air?