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  1. physical change
  2. viscosity
  3. 92
  4. Solute and solvent
  5. air
  1. a Which is the solvent with oxygen in the air?
  2. b a change in size, shape, or state of matter by adding or removing energy. Which type of change keeps the identity the same? Which type of change is easy to undo, because the identity has NOT been changed?
  3. c ability of a substance to flow like a liquid
  4. d How many elements occur naturally?
  5. e Name the parts of a solution.

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  1. Explain how the law of conservation of mass applies to a chemical change.
  2. device that spins liquids at high speeds to separate it into parts based on densities
  3. Name two compounds.
  4. mixture in which two or more gaseous, liquid, or solid substaces blend EVENLY throughout to appear like one
  5. charateristics of a substance that indicates whether it can undergo a certain chemical change

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  1. heterogeneous mixturecombination of two or more elements, compounds, or BOTH that can be separated by physical means that are NOT in a fixed proportion


  2. flammability, reactivity with water, oxygen, acids, other substancesName two chemical properties.


  3. weatheringanything that has mass and volume


  4. insolubleunable to be dissolved


  5. chromatographyprocess of separating liquids using their densities