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  1. thermal conductivity
  2. compound
  3. Solute and solvent
  4. carbon, copper, helium, aluminum
  5. law of conservation of mass
  1. a ability of a substance to transfer heat from one area to another
  2. b Name two elements.
  3. c Name the parts of a solution.
  4. d type of pure substance in which atoms of two or more elements CHEMICALLY combine in a FIXED proportion
  5. e Matter is neither created nor destroyed during a change, but is simply changed from one form to another form

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  1. change of one substance to another that has different properties than the original substance
  2. a change in size, shape, or state of matter by adding or removing energy. Which type of change keeps the identity the same? Which type of change is easy to undo, because the identity has NOT been changed?
  3. anything that has mass and volume
  4. Name two examples of physical changes.
  5. Type of pure substance that have atoms that have the same identity (one type of atom)

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  1. colloid and suspensionheterogeneous mixture containing a liquid in which visible particles are large enough to settle out (insoluble). Which type of mixture has large solute, so it can be filtered out?


  2. insolubleunable to be dissolved


  3. chemical propertycharateristics of a substance that indicates whether it can undergo a certain chemical change


  4. flue, paint, fog, smog, gel, shampoo, hairspray, milk, mayonnaise, stick deodorant, jello, whipped creamName two examples of colloids.


  5. formation of bubbles, formation of precipitate, formation of sound, light or odor, change in colorName two ways to separate a mixture.