pig disection

40 terms by jew111

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pumps bood


produces digestive juices


carries blood from heart to seperior vena cava

jugular veins

produces urine


secretes estrogen and progesterone


produces sperm


carries food from pharynx to stomach


stores urine

urinary bladder

carries blood from aorta to kidney

renal artery

carries blood from upper regions of the body to right atrium

superior vena cava

controls temperature of testies

scrotal sac

used to make sounds


carries ova from ovary to uterus

fallopian tubes

pumps blood into aorta

left ventricle

carries blood from kidney to postieror vena cava

renal vein

digestion and abosorption of nutrients

small intestine

absorption of vitamins, houses E. coli

large intestine

produces bile stores glycogen


pumps blood intopulmonary trunk

right ventricle

pumps blood from vena cava into right ventricle

right atrium

carries blood from bicarotid trunk to head

common carotid arteries

carries air between larynx and bronchi


forms roof of mouth

hard palate

major digestion occurs here


produces cells for immune system


carries blood from left ventricle to rest of the body


carries urine from kidney to urinary bladder


prevents food from entering nasopharynx

soft palate

houses microorganisms that aid in cellulose digestion


secretes adrenaline

adrenal gland

site of fetal development


stores fecal material until eliminated


carries blood from pulmonary trunk to lungs

pulmonary arteries

birth canal


produces preejaculatory fluid

bulbourethral glands

secretes thyroxin, controls metabolic rate


carries blood from pulmonary trunk to aorta

ductus arteriosus

carries blood from lower regions of the body to right atrium

inferior vena cava

used to inhale


stores and concentrates bile


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