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Bible Knowledge Questions Cat 1

Quiz Card Bible Knowledge Questions for the National Bible Bee
They protect them from danger (Acts 12:11)
According to Acts 12, what service do angels provide for Christians?
Because Job demonstrated a love for God and a hatred for evil (Job 1:6-8)
Why did God brag about Job to Satan?
To show his gratitude for God's protective care (Genesis 8:20-21)
Why did Noah offer a sacrifice to God after the Flood?
He did whatever God told him to do (Genesis 6:22)
How did Noah demonstrate his love for God while building the ark?
Abraham (James 2:23)
Which Old Testament person was called a friend of God?
He wrote a song of praise to God (Exodus 15)
After Israel passed through the Red Sea on dry ground and the Egyptians drowned, what did Moses do?
He disobeyed God by breaking his Nazirite vow (Judges 16:17-19)
How did Samson lose his great strength?
Mephibosheth (2 Samuel 9)
After Saul's death, which of his descendants was treated kindly by King David?
Solomon (1 Kings 5:2-5)
Which of David's sons built Israel's first temple?
Naomi (Ruth 1:16-22)
Ruth showed God's kindness by taking care of her mother-in-law. Who was her mother-in- law?
The nation of Israel was saved from extinction (Esther 8, 9)
What was the result of Queen Esther's courageous actions on behalf of her people?
They believed God and turned from their sin (Jonah 3)
When Jonah warned Nineveh of God's judgment, how did its citizens respond?
That God would not hold the sin of murdering him against them (Acts 7:60)
When Stephen was being stoned for following Jesus, what did he pray regarding his enemies?
He and his family trusted in Jesus for salvation (Acts 16:25-34)
As a result of Paul and Silas's concern for the jail keeper, what happened?
To magnify Jesus (Philippians 1:19-21)
What was Paul's main goal in life?
Live in harmony in the Lord (Philippians 4:2)
In his letter to the Philippians, what instruction did Paul give to Euodia and Syntyche?
Because God has forgiven us through Christ
According to Ephesians 4:32, why should Christians forgive each other?
To speak up for their rights
According to Proverbs 31:8−9, what responsibility do we have for the poor and needy?
If we don't forgive others, God will make us miserable (Matthew 18:21-35)
What is the main point in Jesus' parable of the unmerciful servant?
They should pray, bringing their requests to God
According to Philippians 4:6, what should Christians do instead of worrying?
Renewed strength (Isaiah 40:28-31)
According to Isaiah 40, what will come to those who wait on (hope in) the Lord?
Job (Job 2:10)
What person in the Bible asked if it was right to accept good from God, but not be willing to accept hardship as well?
A thirst for God
According to Psalm 42:2, what trait should characterize every Christian?
With musical instruments, clapping and lifting our hands, and with a joyful shout (43:4, 47:1, 63:4, 66:1)
According to Psalms, in what ways can we celebrate the Lord?
By demonstrating love for one another
According to John 13:34−35, how can Christians be effective witnesses for Jesus?
Conformed to the image of His Son
According to Romans 8:29, what is it that God has determined all His children will become?
We are to glorify God (Psalm 34:1-3)
As Christians, what is the purpose of our lives, both now and throughout eternity?
A cheerful giver
According to 2 Corinthians 9:7, in what does God delight?
He will supply all our needs (Philippians 4:18-19)
As we meet the needs of God's workers, what is God's promise?
It is murder
Since Psalm 139:13−16 teaches that God forms each person in his mother's womb, what can we conclude about abortion?
We must serve others
According to Matthew 20:26−28, what must we do in order to be greatly honored by God for all eternity?
Worrying shows a lack of trust in God (Luke 12:22-34)
What does Jesus teach about worrying in Luke 12?
With whole hearts, as if working for God
According to Colossians 3:23, with what attitude should Christians do their work?
They do not finish what they have started
According to Proverbs 12:27, what is one characteristic of sluggards?
We should delight in the Lord
According to Psalm 37:4, in what should we delight?
Everything that has breath
In Psalm 150, who or what is instructed to praise God?
The careful use of words
According to James 1:26, what characterizes obedient Christians?
It is without error and totally trustworthy
What do 2 Timothy and John 17:17 tell us about the Bible in its original writings?
His words
According to Jesus in Matthew 24:35, what will never pass away?
1,600 years
The Bible was written over a period of approximately how many years?
It helps us in hard times, it helps us hate sin, it is a reason for praise, and it lasts forever (119: 89, 92, 128, 164)
What does Psalm 119 teach us about God's Word?
Which book of the Bible ends with the following exhortation: Man's duty is to fear God and keep His commandments?
Jeremiah (Jeremiah 15:16)
Which person in the Bible said to God, When Your words came, I ate them; they were my joy and my heart's delight?
How many books are there in the entire Bible?
In Hebrew and some Aramaic
In what languages was the Old Testament written?
Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy
What are the books of the Law in the Old Testament?
Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
What books of the New Testament are categorized as the Gospels?
The Acts of the Apostles
Which book of the New Testament is categorized as a book of history?
Revelation (22:6-21)
Which book of the New Testament is categorized as a book of prophecy?
1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus
What are the pastoral epistles in the New Testament?
From which book of the Old Testament did Christ most commonly quote?
Jesus Christ is the perfect servant (10:45)
What is the main message of the Gospel of Mark?
Jesus Christ is the perfect human (19:10)
What is the main message of the Gospel of Luke?
Jesus Christ is the King of the Jews (21:5)
What is the main message of the Gospel of Matthew?
Peter, Andrew, James (son of Zebedee), John, Philip, Nathanael (also known as Bartholemew), Thomas, Matthew, Judas Iscariot, James (son of Alphaeus), Thaddaeus (also known as Judas the son of James), Simon the Zealot
What are the names of the twelve disciples called by Jesus?
A wise child
According to Proverbs 10:1, what makes a parent glad?
A foolish child
According to Proverbs 10:1, what makes a parent sad?
What God has joined together, let not man separate
In light of Matthew 19:3−6, what is God's view on marriage?
To obey and honor their parents
According to Ephesians 6:1−2, what is a responsibility of children?
God Almighty (Genesis 17:1)
What does El Shaddai, one of many names of God, mean?
To be shown God's glory
What did Moses ask of God in Exodus 33:18?
He knows us intimately, is with us constantly, has made us wonderfully, and thinks of us fondly (Psalm 139:1-6, 7-12, 13-16, 17-18)
Name four things Psalm 139 teaches about God's love for us.
Praise the Lord! (Psalms 146:1; 147:1; 148:1; 149:1; 150:1
What command is found at the beginning of the last five psalms?
"Glory to God in the Highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men" (Luke 2:14)
What did the angels sing when Jesus was born?
Hebrews (13:8)
What book of the Bible says that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever?
Isaiah (9:6)
Which Bible book prophesies that a child who is born will be called Wonderful Counselor and Mighty God?
Jesus' resurrection
In light of 1 Corinthians 15, what is the most important event in all history, especially for Christians?
For the sins of everyone else (2 Corinthians 5:21;1 Peter 2:22)
Although Jesus never sinned, for what was He punished?
Jesus Christ
According to John 1:18, to whom can we look to best understand God?
Isaiah (7:14)
Which Old Testament book predicted hundreds of years in advance that Jesus would be born of a virgin?
In John 8:58, by what name did Jesus identify Himself to show us that He is the eternal God?
"My Lord and my God"
In John 20:28, what did Thomas call Jesus?
The prayer of the upright
According to Proverbs 15:8, what is it that brings God delight?
He will forgive their sin and heal their land
According to 2 Chronicles 7:14, what will God do if His people humble themselves, pray, and turn from their sins?
Great reward in heaven
According to Matthew 5:10−12, what does Jesus promise to Christians who endure persecution?
The Crown of Life
According to Revelation 2:10, what eternal reward is given to Christians who are faithful until death?
We are storing up rewards in heaven (Philippians 4:14-17)
As we support God's workers financially, what is God's promise to us?
That we do not seek the praise of people
According to Matthew 6:1−4, of what must we be careful as we serve God?
They are condemned for eternity
According to John 3:16−18, what happens to those who do not trust in Jesus for the gift of eternal life?
For all people
According to 1 John 2:1−2, for whom did Jesus die?
The salvation of all people
According to 1 Timothy 2:4, what does God desire?
The Holy Spirit
According to Romans 8:16, who is it that bears witness with our human spirit that we are God's children?
The people failed to trust in God
According to Hebrews 3:16−19, why did Israel wander in the wilderness for forty years before entering the Promised Land?
As being deceitful and wicked
In Jeremiah 17:9, how is the human heart described?
Everyone did what was right in his own eyes (Judges 17:6)
What words best describe the behavior of the Israelites during that period of history called The Judges?
The church at Laodicea (Revelation 3:14-22)
Which Christians did Jesus say He would discipline if they did not repent of being lukewarm?
The church at Ephesus (Revelation 2:4)
In which church addressed in Revelation 2 were Christians rebuked for losing their first love for Christ?
What does 3 John 11 tell us we should not imitate?
A reverence for God
According to Proverbs 1:7, what is the key to becoming a wise person?
They can hurt them or help them
According to Proverbs 12:18, in what two ways can our words affect others?
Inward beauty produced through having a right relationship with God
According to Proverbs 31:30, what personal quality has eternal value?
The advice of wise friends
According to Proverbs 15:22, what is one key to making wise decisions?
Personal initiative, productivity, and planning for future needs
According to Proverbs 6:6−8, what lessons can we learn from ants?
The proud in heart
Who, according to Proverbs 16:5, are an abomination to the Lord?
A wise person thinks before speaking
According to Proverbs 15:28, what is one characteristic of a wise person?
According to Proverbs 12:27, what is considered a precious possession?
Trust in God
According to Proverbs 16:20, what is the key to real joy?
A godly reputation
According to Proverbs 22:1, what is of greater value than material riches?
They should correct us when we need it
According to Proverbs 27:5−6, what is one thing faithful friends should do?
According to Proverbs 11:1, what brings God great delight?