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Organic food is found in _____ areas


Hunter gatherers living in the vacinity of the Pacific Ocean specialized in _______________

salmon fishing

Demand for organic foods is greatest in ___________

core regions

Which commodity would be found closest to the market town in von Thunens model?


Most scholars believe that seed cultivation occurred in the ______________

Fertile Crescent

According to Spencer and Thomas each agricultural hearth was associated with a local groupings of plants. Example: taro, yams, and bananas are associated with the ______________________ hearth

Southeast Asia

Milpa agriculture involves the ___________ method of clearing fields


The Second Agricultural Revolution can generally be traced to Europe within what time frame?

17th and 18th century

Poor countries producing such cash crops as sugar are at the mercy of purchasing countries that set the prices.


25% of world sugar production... and is produced from ________________

sugar beets

The most prevalent rural residential pattern in the world's agricultural areas is ________________


By 1992 the most widely grown crop variety on Earth wa called IR36 which was a variety of _____


The basic unit of the township and range system, the section, has an area of ___________

1 sq mile

Geographer Lee Liu studying the spatial patterns of agriculture in parts of China found soils in intensely used fields near villages were _______________

fertile and productive

The crop is _______


The Spanish invaders of Middle America, laid out villaged and towns in what form?


The world's leading exporter of rice is _________


Rubber trees were 1st tapped in _________________

Amazon basn

This form of agriculture that refers to a particular climate is _____________


In recent years, many wooded areas in _________________ have been deforested to provide beef for hamburgers for fast food chains

Central and South America

Corn flake production is an example of ____________________

Secondary economic activity

The ratio of percent of labor force to percent of GDP in the agricultural sector of Canada indicates that Canada's agricultural sector is __________ intensive


According to Carl Sauer, the earliest plant domestication was prompted by _____________

root crops

Of the 148 species of large herbivores, ___ have been domesticated


Before the intervention of Europeans the societies practicing subsistence farming were quite equal because ______________

communal ownership

Colonial powers would make subsistence farmers _____________________________

cash crops in addition to food crops

In areas of shifting cultivation the population can not have a high density


The rectangular land division scheme in the United States adopted after the American Revolution is unique and its correct name is _______________________

township-and-range system

In Von Thunen's model, there was a concentric circle of forests around the city because ____________

lumber and firewood

The form of villages still existing in many rural landscapes that are reminders of a turbulent past is ___________


In villages everywhere, social stratification is reflected by ____________________________

the range in quality of village houses

Rice cultivation in South East Asia is largely a __________ activity


Where are failrly areas of wheat production that still have major export trade?

Argentina and Australia

Much of cotton purchased by the United Kingdom, Western Europe, and Japan is grown in the ______________

United States

Coffee was domesticated in Ethiopia. Today, 70% of production is in ___________________

Middle and South America

Corn of the American corn belt originated in ________________

central America

Biogenetically engineering now allows the growing of new strains in more arid regions of the plain states to meet the demand of the ________________ industry

biodiesel food

A form of tropical subsistence agriculture in which fields are rotated after short periods of crop production is ______________________

shifting cultivation

The functional differentiation of farm villages world wide are to ___________________

Western cultures

Dairy agricultural activities is widespead in the Northeastern United States and Northwestern Europe


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