Pig Disection

40 terms by Aaronmiller

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used to make sounds


prevent food from entering the larnyx


produces cells for immune system

hard palate

forms roof of mouth


pumps blood

left atrium

pumps blood from pulmonary vein into left ventricle

right atrium

pumps blood from vena cava into the right ventricle

pericardial membrane

keeps heart from rubbing on inside of chest

umbilical vein

carries blood from placenta to liver


carries urine from kidney to urinary bladder

adrenal gland

secretes adrenaline


carries urine from kidney to urinary bladder


secretes estrogen and progesterone. produces ova


site of fetal development

fallopian tubes

carries ova from ovary to uterus


birth canal

scrotal sac

controls temperature of testes


secretes testosterone produces sperm


used in copulation

ductus deferens

carries sperm from epididymis to urethra

bulbourethral glands.

produces preejaculatory fluid


stores sperm until mature

seminal vesicles

produces seminal fluid


muscle coordination


vital reflexes

left ventricle

pumps blood into aorta

right ventricle

pumps blood into pulmonary trunk


helps with breathing(muscle)


makes bile for digestion

gall bladder

stores bile and sends it to the duodenum


responsible for breaking down food

cardiac sphincter valve

regulates food entering and leaving the stomach (by the esophagus)

Pyloric sphincter valve

regulates food entering and leaving the stomach(at the duodenum)


makes insulin


stores and filters blood

small intestine

gets the nutrients from the food to the rest of the body

large intestine

reabsorbes water from the digested food


responsible for removing harmful substances from the blood

umbilical vessels

in the umbilical cord, carries blood and nutrients from mom to baby

urinary bladder

what holds your urine

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