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Ideal society; book was written on it by Thomas More

Johann Gutenberg

Invented the printing press

William Shakespeare

English playwright; wrote tragedies and comedies like romeo and juliet or hamlet


Writer of politics; negative view. Wrote "The Prince" on what its like to be a govern. "the end justifies the means.."

What was the attitude of Church leaders and the wealthy toward the arts? Why?

-Church leaders want best work for God; wealthy distinguish themselves- positive attitude

What was the difference between the Renaissance and the Middle Ages in the attitude toward worldly pleasures?

Middle Ages denied worldly pleasures; Renaissance indulged in them

Why was the invention of the printing press so important?

It made books available to the common man

How was the work of German painters different from Flemish Painters?

Germans focused on religion and the past, Flemish painted common people. Flemish are from Belgium


Worldly view


A sponsor of the arts in this case.


Period of rebirth and learning in Europe


System of thought focusing on human intrests and values


Technique showing space on a flat surface


Native language of a group; first book printed in common language was the Bible.


Italian artist and Renaissance man. The Last Judgement on wall of Sistine Chapel. David- painting or sculpture?

Leonardo Da Vinci

Italian Renaissance Man. Painter. Mona Lisa and the Last Supper


Painter and architect. The School of Athens- embodies the classical spirit of Renaissance

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