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the principle of noninjury, nonviolence, and respect for all life


subsidiary scriptural writings containing commentaries and eulogistic works praising Jain leaders and saints, as well as the Great Renunciation and Enlightenment of Mahavira; accepted by Svetambara Jains


Literally, 'limbs'; the central scriptures of Svetambara Jainism


means 'sky-clad' and refers to those Jain monks who wander naked


violence or injury to life


a conqueror or victor; one who has attained enlightenment or infinite insight. this word is the ROOT from which the work Jainism is derived. It may also be used as a synonym for tirthankara5


the spirit contained within all living things, be they human, animal, or plant6


the substance that contaminates a person's soul as the consequence of evil deeds, causing the soul to sink in the universe and on the scale of existence7


enlightenment which involves the gaining of infinite knowledge8


the title(and name) of the founder of Jainism, meaning 'great one'; also known as Vardhamana9


a human soul10

Nigantha Nataputta

another name for Mahavira found in Buddhist literature11


a village near the site of Mahavira's death; one of the most holy places to Jains and hence the goal of pilgrimages12


a Jain monk13


the sole body of Digambara Jain scripture14


In Jain mythology, the first cow; considered to be one of the original treasures to appear on earth15


means 'white-clad' and refers to those Jain monks who wear a white robe or loincloth16


means 'ford-finder'. Mahavira is considered the twenty-fourth and last 'ford-finder' of this aeon. he, like the previous ones, found the way to gain release from the wheel and has shown this way to others17

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