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Accent: men
(N.) that which is pleasant or agreeable;
(pl.) attractive features, customs, etc

Atyn: unpleasantness, disagreeableness


Accent: ap
(N.) an opening, gap, hole; orifice

Atyn: closure, blockage, occlusion


Accent: dis
(N.) a difference of opinion; discontent

Syn: disagreement dissent, disaffection
Atyn: agreement, harmony, concord


Accent: cur
(Adj.) devoted to the pursuit of pleasure; fond of good food comfort, and ease; with discriminating tastes
(N.) a person with discriminating tastes

Syn: hedonistic, sybaritic, discriminating
Atyn: ascetic, self-denying, absternious


Accent: prov
(Adj.) not thrifty; failing to plan ahead

Syn: prodigal, spendthrift, extravagantious
Atyn: Thrifty, frugal, economical, cautious:


Accent: niq
(N.) wickedness, sin; a grossly immoral act

Syn: evil, crime
Atyn: probity, rectitude, uprightness


Accent: vi
(Adj.) sacred; of such a character that it must not be broken, injured, or profaned

Syn: sacrosanct, unassailable
Atyn: vulnerable, assailable


Accent: mu
(Adj.) open to or capable of change, fickle

Syn: changeable, variable
Atyn: changeless, steadfast, constant


Accent: na
(Adj.) just beginning to exist or develop; having just come into existence

Syn: budding, incipient, embryonic
Atyn: dying, moribund, servescent


Accent: be
(N.) a deep bow or other body movement indicating respect or submission; deference, homage

Syn: respect, honor
Atyn: disrespect, irreverence, disregard


Accent: gy
(N.) formal or elaborate praise; a tribute

Syn: tribute, encomium, testimonial
Atyn: diatribe, tirade, philippic


Accent: pil
(N.) a device for publicly punishing offenders; a means for exposing one to public contempt or ridicule;
(V.) to expose to public contempt or ridicule

Atyn: (V.) praise, extol, laud, acclaim


Accent: pitt
(N.) a woefully meager allowance, wage, or portion

Syn: modicum, trifle
Atyn: fortune


Accent: pres
(V.) to foreshadow or point to future event; to predict;
(N.) a warning or indication of the future

Syn: (V.) augur, portend, foretell


Accent: prog
(N.) descendants, offspring, children, followers, disciples

Syn: issue, posterity
Atyn: ancestors, forebears, antecedents


Accent: prom
(V.) to proclaim or issue officially; to make known far and wide

Syn: announce
Atyn: withdraw, retract, abrogate, nullify


Accent: rec
(N.) uprightness, righteousness; correctness

Syn: probity, integrity
Atyn: iniquity, heinousness


Accent: res
(Adj.) restless, hard to manage, balky

Syn: uneasy, fidgety, recalcitrant
Atyn: serene, unruffled, docile


Accent: raph
(Adj.) angelic, heavenly, celestial

Syn: cherubic
Atyn: devilish, impish


Accent: sist
(V.) to have existence; to remain alive, manage to make a living or maintain life; to persist or continue

Syn: last, survive, sustain

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