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  1. Reaganomics
  2. Ho Chi Minh Trail
  3. Realpolitik
  4. Black Power
  5. Watergate
  1. a The economic policies of President Reagan, which were focused on the granting of large tax cuts in order to increase private investment
  2. b a scandal arising from the Nixon admin.'s attempt to cover up its involvement in the 1972 break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Watergate apartment
  3. c which was advocated by Henry Kissinger in the Nixon admin that involves dealing with other nations in a practical and flexible way rather than according to a rigid policy.
  4. d A slogan - first used in the 1940s and revived by Stokely Carmichael in the 1960s - that encouraged African-American pride and political and social leadership
  5. e Ho Chi Minh began supplying arms to the Vietcong via a network of paths along the border of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

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  1. a welfare-reform proposal approved by the House of Representatives in 1970 but defeated in the Senate; that would have guaranteed an income to welfare recipients who agreed to undergo job training and to accept work.
  2. Small residential communities surrounding cities. Offered by Levitt for less than $8,000 in response to the housing crisis.
  3. Communist group that seized power in Cambodia in 1975
  4. Accused of spying for the Soviet Union, lied for passing documents, send to jail. Later, Soviet cables proved his guilt.
  5. Racial separation established by practice and custom, not by law.

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  1. Beat Movementthe redrawing of election districts to reflect changes in population.


  2. DetenteOpposed War.


  3. Marshall PlanThe program proposed by Secretary of State George Marshall in 1947, under which the US supplied economic aid to European nations to help them rebuild after WWII.


  4. Three Mile IslandNuclear Power Plant in Harrisburg, Penn. which failed, causing radiation to be admitted in the air


  5. Termination PolicyA 327-day operation in which US and British planes flew food and supplies into West Berlin after the Soviets blockaded the city in 1948.