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  1. INF Treaty
  2. Baby Boom
  3. New Federalism
  4. Alliance for Progress
  5. Vietminh
  1. a US foreign-aid program of 1960s, providing economic and technical assistance to Latin American countries.
  2. b Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, 1987 agreement between US and USSR that eliminated some weapons systems & allowed for on-site inspection of military installations.
  3. c Unprecedented population explosions between 1946 and 1964.
  4. d An organization of Vietnamese Communists and other nationalist groups that between 1946 and 1954 fought for Vietnamese independence from the French.
  5. e Nixon's program to turn over part of federal govt. power to state/local govts.

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  1. a law enacted during Carter admin, established a tax on gas-guzzling cars, removed price controls on US oil and natural gas, and provided tax credits for development of alternative energy sources.
  2. Countries dependent upon and dominated by the Soviet Union. (Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Poland.
  3. Belonging to the leftist group that overthrew the Nicaraguan government in 1979.
  4. Communist group that seized power in Cambodia in 1975
  5. A company that offers similar products or services in many locations

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  1. Students for a Democratic Partyran against Johnson (platform to end war).


  2. Warsaw PactA military alliance formed in 1955 by the Soviet Union and its Eastern European satellites.


  3. Civil Rights Act of 1968law that banned discrimination in housing.


  4. Sit-insform of demonstration used by African Americans


  5. Family Assistance Plana welfare-reform proposal approved by the House of Representatives in 1970 but defeated in the Senate; that would have guaranteed an income to welfare recipients who agreed to undergo job training and to accept work.


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