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  1. Immigration Act of 1965
  2. Southern Christian Leadership Conference
  3. Ho Chi Minh
  4. Pay Equity
  5. Braceros
  1. a organization formed in 1957 by MLK and other leaders to work for civil rights through nonviolent means.
  2. b Hired hands, Mexican, allowed into US to harvest crops
  3. c Condemned by the French to death in 1930 for his rebellious activity. Fled Vietnam that year and throughout the 1930s, he orchestrated Vietname's growing independence movement from exile in the Soviet Union and later from China.
  4. d basing of employee's salary on the requirements of his job rather than traditional pay scales that have frequently provided women with smaller incomes than men.
  5. e a law that made it easier for non-European Immigrants to settle in the US

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  1. which was advocated by Henry Kissinger in the Nixon admin that involves dealing with other nations in a practical and flexible way rather than according to a rigid policy.
  2. A military alliance formed in 1955 by the Soviet Union and its Eastern European satellites.
  3. A law that banned discrimination on the basis of race, sex, national origin, or religion in public places and most workplaces.
  4. Daughter of Mississippi sharecroppers, won the honor of speaking for the MFDP at the convention. Registered to vote at cost of beating and family's eviction for their farm.
  5. Developed from a congressional committee created to search out disloyalty before WWII, agency investigating possible Communist influence inside and outside the US.

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  1. Committee to Reelect the Presidentthe idea that if a nation falls under Communist control, nearby nations will also fall under Communist control.


  2. Glasnostthe open discussion of social problems that was permitted in the USSR in the 1980s.


  3. Eugene McCarthyran against Johnson (platform to end war).


  4. Peace Corpsan agency est. in 1961 to provide volunteer assistance to developing nations in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.


  5. StagflationAn economic condition marked by both inflation and high unemployment.


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