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The best definition of republican, as it was understood in the late 1700s, was
a government without monarchy or aristocracy
The most obvious contradiction to the principles expressed in the founding of the American republic wast
the continued existence of slavery in much of th nation
With respect to women, the political ideology of the American Revolution
caused them to be more assertive about their roles in the family
Which of the following was NOT typical of the post-revolutionary state constitutions?
that they claimed the people at large as the basis of politcal authority
Which of the following was NOT a criticism of American government under the Articles of Confederation?
that it gave too much power to a central government
The most important accomplishment of Congress under the Articles of Confederation was its
passage of ordinances organizing the Northwest Territory.
The most brilliant American political theorist of the post-revolutionary period was
James Madison
Shays' Rebellion involved
discontented farmers in Massachusetts
The compromise which resolved the dispute between the large and the small states included each of the following EXCEPT
all bills pertaining to taxation or spending would begin in the upper house.
Federalists can be closely associated with
the idea of a strong central government.
The passage of which act created the federal court system?
Judiciary Act of 1789
Which of the following was NOT a Hamiltonian idea?
France was the United States' most important ally.
The Bank of the United States was based on the doctrine of
implied powers
Which treaty gave the United States access to the Mississippi River and New Orleans for trade?
Pinckney's Treaty
Washington believed that the Whiskey Rebellion
presented a direct threat to the nation.
AEach of the following is true of the election of 1800 EXCEPT
the electoral college chose THomas Jefferson to be the third president
Upon arriving in the West, many settlers
tried to transplant their eastern customs, had to adapt to a new environment, were able to generate distinctive folkways, depended on water transportation.
Under his direction, the United States took its first steps into the factory system
Samuel Slater
The decision in Marbury v. Madison was the first time the Supreme Court
asserted its right to judge the constitutionality of congressional acts.
At the Battle of New Orleans,
British forces were defeated by Andrew Jackson and his troops.
For many Americans, the main appeal of the Enlightenment was its focus on
searching for useful, practical knowledge
The shifting patterns of eighteenth-century colonial trade helped to
"anglicize" American culture.
The Great Awakening
took place in many regions of the colonies, over several decades of the eighteenth century.
Which of the following was NOT an important effect of the Great Awakening?
It strengthened the authority of the old colonial religions.
By the mid-1700s, the colonial assemblies
were gaining steadily in power.
One of the most important factors binding Americans from different colonies into a single political culture was
the English common law
What did the Great Awakening, intercolonial trade, and the rise of the colonial assemblies have in common?
They all contributed to a growing sense of shared identity.
Which of the following was NOT a consequence of the Seven Years' War?
t led to the creation of several new English colonies.
The central issue in the Anglo-American debate over governance was
parliamentary sovereignty
Central to the colonists' position in the Anglo-American debate over parliamentary powers was
their strong belief in the powers of their own provincial assemblies.
The English political philosopher most often cited by American rebels was
John Locke
Which of the following prohibited colonial settlement west of the Appalachian Mountains?
Proclamation of 1763
The Stamp Act of 1765 affected
the lives of ordinary people, as well as those of the elite
Which of the following stated Parliament's belief in its own sovereignty?
Declaratory Acts
The fundamental issue leading to the Boston Massacre in 1770 was the
presence of so many British troops in American cities
England passed the Coercive Acts in response to
the Boston Tea Party
Common Sense
provided the colonists with a rationale for revolution
The American victory that brought about the French alliance occurred at
The Treaty of Paris of 1783
guaranteed the independence of the United States
Three migratory streams of people travled from Asia to North America. The first occurred around 13,000 B.C. to 7000 B.C., the second occurred around 6000 B.C., and the third occurred
3000 B.C.
The first people who migrated to the Americas
were band of hunter-gathers
Cahokia was
a significant Mississippian city with more than one hundred temple mounds
The Aztecs lived in present-day
The Mayan peoples of Mesoamerica
devised a calendar system that predicted solar and lunar eclipses accurately.
Before the Europeans made significant contact with West Africa,
slaves were sometimes sold into bondage by their families
In October 1492, Columbus, his men, and his ships reached
an island in the Bahamas.
In 1450, most Western Europe inhabitants were
Early European contact with West Africa
stimulated West African trade networks in metals and other goods.
The European trade in African slaves was initiated in the fifteenth century by
The reconquista led by Ferdinand and Isabel
expelled Muslims from Spain.
The number of Indians living in Mesoamerica declined from about 30 million in the 15th century to approximately 3 million by 1650 because
disease carried by Europeans decimated most Indian tribes who came into contact with Europeans.
King Henry VIII initiated the English Reformation by
declaring himself supreme head of the Church of England but making few changes in traditional religious dogma, organization or ritual.
The monarchs who financed Columbus's voyages to the Americas were
King Ferdinand of Argon and Queen Isabel of Castile
The transfer of plants and animals to the Americas from Europe and Africa and vice versa
Columbian Exchange
In 1588, Philip II sent the Spanish ________, a fleet of 130 ships, to attack England
The Aztec capital, ______, occupied the site of present-day __________.
Tenochtitlan, Mexico City
Not a factor that stimulated English migration to the New World
rapid popluation growth
To resolve the problem of the vast expenses New World settlement required, English merchant-capitalists introduced the concept of
the joint-stock company.
In 1618, the Virginia colonists were allowed to elect a representative assembly known as
House of Burgesses.
Indentured servants
were working off the cost of their passage to America.
Lord Baltimore's settlement in Maryland
never succeeded in becoming a feudal society.
Unlike their souther counterparts, the first Englishmen who established colonies in New England were
religious refugees
The document in which the Pilgrams established a civil government for their Plymouth colony has become known as the
Mayflower Compact.
In 1636, authorities in Massachusetts Bay banished Roger Williams because
of his defense of Native American rights and demand for separation of church and state.
17th century Quakers were known for their
belief in personal humility and pacifism.
The main staple of the Carolina colonies; economy by the close to the 17th century was
The character of the first English settlements in the New World
differed substantially from colony to colony from the very beginning of colonization.
About what percent of white colonists that arrived in Virginia and Maryland in the 1600's were indentured servants?
By the end of the 17th century, Virginia could best be describes as
a plantation society, dominated by a slaveholding aristocracy.
The 18th century population of the lowlands of South Carolina was ______ percent.
The most serious slave rebellion of the colonial period was
the Stono Uprising.
British authorities based their colonia commercial policies on the theory of
The intention of the Navigation Acts was to
allow England to monopolize American trade.
One of the major cause of _______ was the disfranchisement of landless freemen by the Virginia House of Burgesses in 1670.
Bacon's Rebellion
Which of the following was NOT a possible cause of the Salem witchcraft hysteria?
Salem's history of engaging in occult practices.