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Becoming a Critical Thinker Chapter 5 Short Answer

Chapter 5 short answer only
What are some questions to ask about a study to determine whether it
is valid or biased?
Does the researcher claim that the study proves more that it was designed to prove? Done by a respected institution? Researchers been able to duplicate results? Results statistically significant?
How should critical thinkers respond when a study is controversial?
Verify source. Live between cynicism and anti-intellectualism.
What distinguishes someone as a genuine expert in a given field?
Education. Experience. Keeps up to date with current research.
How are generalizations from analogies useful in supporting conclusions?
We are able to explain a new or difficult idea by comparing it to a similar idea or process. We are able to give reasons for a conclusion by showing that our idea or program has worked at another time. (pg190)
A speculation about what will be discovered from the research is
called the _____.
A group of subjects who are given no treatment is the ______.
Control Group
The researcher's interpretation of the meaning and significance of
the findings is called the _____.
A group of subjects who are exposed to a special treatment is
called the _______.
Experimental group
A randomly selected and representative part of the target
population is the _____.