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  1. Pax Romana
  2. Praetors
  3. Edict of Milan
  4. Punic Wars
  5. Twelve Tables
  1. a issued by Constantine in 313, ended the "great persecution" and legalized Christianity in the Roman Empire
  2. b elected to help consuls, commanded armies in times of war and oversaw legal system in times of peace
  3. c A series of three wars between Rome and Carthage (264-146 B.C.); resulted in the destruction of Carthage and Rome's dominance over the western Mediterranean.
  4. d the Roman peace
  5. e the earliest written collection of Roman laws, drawn up by patricians about 450B.C., that became the foundation of Roman law

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  1. Roman Republic begins when Romeans overthrow the Etruscans
  2. a Roman poet
  3. an official, usually a former consul, who acted as governor or military commander of a province, and who had powers similar to those of a consul.
  4. the wealthy class in Roman society; landowners
  5. lower class in Rome, usually small farmers

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  1. Imperial StyleSculptures with realist postures


  2. AugustusA Roman historian who presented the facts accurately. He wrote about the good and the bad of imperial Rome in his Annals and Histories.


  3. SenateIn ancient Rome, the supreme governing body, originally made up only of aristocrats.


  4. First and Second TriumvirateFirst Triumvirate - Caesar joined with Crassus and Pompey.
    Second - Octavian, Antony, and Lepidus.


  5. ArchRoman historian whose history of Rome filled 142 volumes (of which only 35 survive) including the earliest history of the war with Hannibal (59 BC to AD 17)