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  1. Dome
  2. Crossing the Rubicon
  3. Colosseum
  4. Virgil
  5. Etruscans
  1. a the group of people who ruled Rome before Romans revolted
  2. b a hemispherical vault supported on columns or walls
  3. c a large amphitheater built in Rome around ad 70; site of the contest and combats between people and animals
  4. d When Caesar reentered Italy with his legions throwing Rome into a civil war. Point of no return
  5. e a Roman poet

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  1. A Roman historian who presented the facts accurately. He wrote about the good and the bad of imperial Rome in his Annals and Histories.
  2. king-like
  3. (antiquity) a temple to all the gods
  4. the simplest form of vault consisting of an unbroken series of arches; it forms a tunnel like shape Romans first to do
  5. lower class in Rome, usually small farmers

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  1. Ciceroemperor


  2. Civic Virtuenotion that democracy depended on unselfish commitment to the public good


  3. Patriciansthe group of people who ruled Rome before Romans revolted


  4. Consulsan official, usually a former consul, who acted as governor or military commander of a province, and who had powers similar to those of a consul.


  5. AugustusHonorific name of Octavian, founder of the Roman Principate, the military dictatorship that replaced the failing rule of the Roman Senate. (151)