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Social Studies (Legacies of Greece, Middle Ages, Rome, Egypt, and Mesopotamia)

LCDS Legacies of Greece, Middle Ages, Rome, Egypt, and Mesopotamia
Papyrus, Pyramid, Perfumes, Languages, 365 day calendar, Sail boats, Math, Irrigation, Plows
Legacies of Egypt (PPPL3SMIP)
Wheels, Law, Language, Writing, Judaism, Bronze, Brinks, Monotheism
Legacies of Mesopotamia (WLLWJBBM)
Languages, Olympics, Arts & Architecture, Alphabet, Democrary, Olives, Olive Oil, Philosophy, Literature
Legacies of Greece (LOAADOOPL)
Languages, Religion, Republic, Law, Veto Power, Architecture, August, July
Legacies of Rome (LRRLVAAJ)
Stained Glass, Cathedrals, Religion, Entertainments, Law, Languages, Clothing, Printing, Press
Legacies of Middle Ages (SCRELLCPP)