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For the History Test

Changed the balance of power

The admission of missouri as a slave state

The Missouri Comprimise

Henry Clay's Comprimise was called

Popular Sovereignity

Stephen A. Douglas proposed that the people should decide about slavery


The Main topic of the Lincoln and Douglas Debates

States Rights

Southerners justified succesion with the idea of

Fugitive slave act

This act tried to prevent people from aiding slaves

Uncle Tom's Cabin

Harriet B. Stow wrote this book


First ever territory to shed blood over slavery

Dred Scott Decision

The Supreme Court decision that divided the nation even further

Abraham Lincoln

The 1860 President that was not on the ballot

Jefferson Davis

Who said this "As a neccesity, not a choice, we have restored to the seperation"

Abraham Lincoln

"Phsically speaking, we cannot seperate"

Calling troops

Lincoln caused 4 states to join the confederacy by


What was the Confederate Capitol


This battle was named after a small church


The bloodiest day in the civil war took place at


Shermans "March to the Sea" was headed toward


Peace Democrats were called

Habeas Corpus

This guarantees the right to a hearing before being put in jail


This battle began when the confederates were looking for shoes

Preserve the Union

The main goal of the North at the beginning of the war was to

Emancipation Proclimation

In 1863 Lincoln signed the


After what battle did Lincoln issue the Emancipation Proclimation

New york

Where was the Worst protest of the draft laws


Robert E. Lee surrender here

Ulysses S. Grant

This Union General's nickname was Unconditional Surrender

Abraham Lincoln

Who said this "If I could save the Union without freeing any of the slaves, I would do it"

Ulysses S. Grant

Lincoln said this about his favorite general "I cant spare this man, he fights" Who is Lincoln's favorite general?


The period of rebuilding the South

John Wilkes Booth

Who assasinated Abraham Lincoln

14th Ammendment

This grants citizenship to everyone born in the US


To all white southerners, except white leaders, Lincoln offered

Freedmens Bureau

This group established schools in the south

13th Ammendment

Before joining the Union, Souther states had to ratify this ammendment

Share Crop

This is the most common form of farm work for free men

The Essay

Essay: What made Lincoln decide to emancipate the slaves?
1. To keep Britain and France from helping the South 2. To prevent slaves from fighting for the South
3. Lincoln though it more important for the president to make this decision rather than the Congress.

Max Christiansen

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